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  1. [Game Update] - 386795

    I don't know if you've fixed this but gingerbread pig houses change shapes (it's okay) and become invisible (still blocking the way) sometimes.
  2. Well, no. You must watch an accumulated 6h (in total, not necessarily continual) STARTING FROM 11. Previous watching does not count. The streamer must have drop turned on, obviously.
  3. Me too. I've been waiting for this to gift this combo bundle.
  4. I cannot build anything more in my house (structures, decorations,..). I can't even drop items on the floor. If I discard something when my inventory is full, it's just gone like loots gone in the ocean. What's more? I even have clouds on the floor, rains and lighting from above too. The house was normal before tho.
  5. Hmm that's weird. The chest could be made at the festival event (which I also doubt about) but the alchemy engine definitely shouldn't be there. You said that server didn't have any mods so you left? Can't you check the mods before you join? Oh and btw, is it official server or cracked one? Coz the LAN game could use such mods to enable all skins for all players, even you.
  6. That is the lustruous skin of the alchemy engine. May I ask what host did you join? I never saw such mod in DST, it even enables the xmas chest? Afaik, it's "illegal".