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  1. Are your showers dirty water output connected to the rest of the plumbing in a straight line through the output? This can lead to the pipe being temporarily blocked by other dirty water passing through which interrupts the shower. You should build a one section pipe up out of the shower and then connect all your plumbing through that to avoid this problem.
  2. Game crashes after Farmer uses Farm Station. If you manually move the Farmer away from the farm station when he starts it doesn't crash. I have reproduced on this same save file multiple times. Rosy Paradise.sav
  3. I am getting 450% stress per day so my dup does nothing but cry. Thank God it is only an ugly crier.
  4. I am not saying it is wrong that the kcal get subtracted when you queue the lice loaf. The problem is they get subtracted when they are queued and then get subtracted again when they are delivered. The Microbe Musher itself thinks there is not enough meal lice to make the loaf even though there was enough when I queued it.
  5. You are right it was delivering 2000 grams. I watched it real close and what is happening is as soon as you queue the lice loaf it reduces the available meal lice by 1200 kcal and then when it is delivered it is subtracting another 1200 kcal. This is where the problem is. It is using twice the amount of kcals that it is supposed to which is why I keep getting the not enough meal lice warning. The musher is destroying meal lice.
  6. You can queue up lice loaf using almost all available meal lice and then a few seconds later the queued meal lice will change colors and the tool tip will say not enough meal lice. I was originally confusing the fact that it was delivering 2000g of meal lice to make 1200 kcal but that does not change the problem that the meal lice is being destroyed by the microbe musher. After further observation the problem is that when you queue the lice loaf it subtracts 1200 kcal from your available meal lice. When the dup then delivers the meal lice is subtracts 1200 kcals again. This is then double counting the meal lice to make 1 lice loaf which is why you all of a sudden don't have enough meal lice when you queue up most of your available lice for loaf. Edited based on comments below and future observations.