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  1. Umm, are you selecting the mess table that's inside a med bay, tho?
  2. Okay well anyway, then can you explain to me please why this first screenshot isn't a room but the second one is a room? Neither are even close to the max amount of tiles and all I did was add a pneumatic door inside the room. Don't you think the first one already qualify as a room, counting tiles and all that? I still think there's a bug somewhere around room overlay, unless I'm missing something major here about how rooms are supposed to be made.
  3. I agree completely with points number 1) and 5). Also number 2) and 4) but I think those are because the occupational upgrade isn't perfected just yet. Point number 6), it doesn't change randomly, but it follows the priority of the last time you build something. I also find that to be annoying and I suggest that everytime we build something it should be defaulted to a certain priority (most likely 2) just like 5 in last patch. Number 7) I think is a known issue.
  4. If it's about the greenhouse room then yes, but isn't a room in general -- as in the grey ones -- doesn't have tile requirements? Well, if the room requirement is intended to be so, I think the tooltip for misc room should say so.
  5. Not even about how this isn't a greenhouse, but the game doesn't qualify this room as a room even though the only qualification for a room is to have it enclosed by tiles and/or doors. I have experienced this bug multiple times when the rooms have levels inside even though that should be allowed still. Apparently, only some parts of the room are not treated as a room as the second screenshot shows. Leaky Home.sav
  6. Manual generators have a charging threshold as in it will need to be recharged after the connected batteries power level drops below certain percentage. If you have no batteries connected the battery level will be treated as 0 and the dupes will always have to recharge it.