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  1. Winter realizes she slept through quite some time. "Hello?" ( Sorry I had a long week.)
  2. (sorry.) "Thank you Ariel." Winter smiles.
  3. Winter smiles. " No I guess after. The.. incedent I'm just not used to a crowd."
  4. Winter sighs. Not used to this kind of inasnity. "Y'all should calm down." She says, sounding oddly like an older sibling to tired to fight the younger one.
  5. Winter looks confused. "What? I sensored my thoughts."
  6. Winter looks bored as she goes back to playing with her knife, before slicing her hand. "Ah holy mother of_.... Let's keep that in my head.. that hurt." She says.
  7. Winter sighs. " Different places dear. And why is everyone so loud?"
  8. Winter sighs. "Why are we say that? (It means that ho over there)
  9. Winter gasps. "What in starts name?!"
  10. Winter grins. Sounds good, she thinks. "It's a plan!"
  11. Winter is looking around for the area to gather in tommorow. She spots one with lots of food and a few big rocks.
  12. Winter is looking around for the area to gather in tommorow.
  13. Winter frowns, and pulls together a few twigs and grass, she makes a torch. "I will head off in the morning"
  14. Winter grins. " Thanks Whitney. Good luck! How long untill night?" She asks, still new to telling by sun.