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  1. Game Crash With Airlock Automation

    Sure - here it is. The Viral Comet Cycle 43.sav
  2. Whenever I attempt to build something directly below horizontally stacked doors on an automation loop, the game crashes. It seems to perhaps be connected to the way the doors handles any gas in it's area when it closes, trying to push it to a new spot perhaps? I use a automation compactor system to handle my gases and it uses 3 horizontal doors, but since the game crashes as soon as i try and build the final door, it's a bit of a problem...
  3. Bottom right menue mouse cursor position wrong

    Yep, seems like the buttons are off by one. It also screws up building pop-up menu buttons.
  4. Gophers not taking breaks

    Almost every game when I have a gopher, their stress goes through the roof. And no matter how high of a priority I give massage tables, they never take a break to use it. But when I switch them to a new job, they seem to be fine