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  1. Ok, ok. I see you need time, as we all do, these are just things that are wanted, not needed, if it takes you a while, then it is normal.
  2. Count to 200 without interruption

  3. How about the anims of the dupes without the cooking stations, and perhaps you could get the egg cracking anim (Dupes manually smacking it) with and without the egg cracker
  4. @watermelen671, do you have the cooking anims for the different cooking stations?
  5. Ban melen for not yet doing something... probably important.
  6. Ban melen for, well, for a the reason that I couldn't think of a reason to ban you (Just to note, I know you may or may not ban me on this, but I detect an angry sipp incoming)
  7. The Melon's Art Thread

    Hey melen, can you maybe dupify warly cooking up a bit of surf 'n 'turf?
  8. You've gone too far with this "dancing fad". Do you remember the outdated dance move that used to be popular (although its terrible)? Eventually this will all fall out of style. And then reappear for a day to bring nostalgia back before it turns into nothing-ness. And no, I do not want a dance. 

    1. Xenologist


      My bad, it'll wash over, not 


      You've gone too far


    2. maradyne


      A god does not concern themself with the direction of the tides; such things are merely a byproduct of the path we walk.


      also here's your silly dance


      thank you for shopping at hat
      good day to you sir and/or madam






      here's this because I wanted to watch the crab dance hehe


  9. we dont need upvote and downvote reactions

    Confused replaces downvote. What we really need is a "Wow" reaction
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Now you get around to posting it here
  11. Why do so many people stick to normal forum stuff, and why is there like, 4 active off-topicers?
  12. Count to 200 without interruption

    thirsty ain't I?