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  1. On 10/8/2019 at 5:28 AM, metallichydra said:

    some of the subforms here in the Klei forums is suggestions and feedback, and here people suggest stuff. however, the only way we can tell if we like the idea, is to use the "like" reaction.

    with these, we could react with:


    so people could see how many like the idea, and how many doesn't.

    Confused replaces downvote. What we really need is a "Wow" reaction

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  2. 1 hour ago, reverentsatyr said:

    Meanwhile, the Syndicate and Mafia were continuing shooting each other from their cars as the chase went on, and one of the Syndicate members vaguely wondered what the hell they were chasing after as he reloaded.

    In an entirely other room, a forumer was testing nuclear explosions (In an impossibly strong tiny box) while wondering where in the world he went


    Cmon, why couldn't we have several story switches?


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  3. Upsides: Extremely smart: I sometimes learn a new recipe when prototyping. Somewhat fast: 5% movement speed increase

    Downsides: Tech reliant: Crafting speed is doubled (takes double the time to craft), small but constant sanity drain when not near anything semi-advanced (Semi-advanced things are science machines and alchemy engines, temperature thing, rain-o-meter, other advanced things)

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  4. 32 minutes ago, x0VERSUS1y said:

    Chill me lil lad, is pixels. DS's about dark humor, and uncompromising tralala.

    In that line i would propose when owner gets under 10% hunger, one should be able to pick up le pet and, you know... the last resort.. and cry of a baby Varg, heh. You get 40 hunger back with a tearful-and-broken-soul *GULP*, and a massive sanity penalty, let's say -100 - as you just ate your "bestu friendu" from this harsh dark survival adventure and whatnot, "it's you or me, PoogieWoogie.. and am sure as starvin' hell it won't be me" :chargrined:

    *Wilson beard survives yet another day*

    That would be a great way to turn monster meat into food. Plus it makes you insane. The only real downside here is how much health is lost and the fact you hear a final cry.