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  1. The nosh sprout should be better or at least on par with sleet wheat. The nosh could be made into ethanol using the ethanol distiller, and maybe even to use as hatch, pokeshell, or drecko feed. We could also use more ways to generate fiber, and the fibers could be reed fiber, drecko fiber, and either polyethylene or plastic fiber. Plus, the Isoresin could need more ways to be generated, and maybe we could have fiberglass tiles or fiberglass as a building material. And it would need glass and isoresin or viscogel, has somewhat high thermal conductivity, and would be as strong as insulation. The point is isoresin needs a way to regen without rockets. Either from petroleum, a new critter morph, or turning naptha through a machine or freezing.

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  2. 52 minutes ago, greggbert said:

    I think there should be a machine called a thermal infrared emitter that must be built on the surface.  Inputs are hydrogen gas and electricity.   It should have a capacitor/tank that takes in a certain amount of hydrogen gas of any temperature and builds it up (like the metal refinery does liquids), 

    Also It would have an electric capacitor that builds up a certain amount of electricity (like the transport tube access).   

    Once the hydrogen and power level are full it the machine will activate and will produce a huge burst of thermal infrared energy into space, draining the electric charge and converting the hydrogen to liquid hydrogen, which drains out of the machine at a temp of -255.


    Like a sci-fi version of this:  https://www.yaleclimateconnections.org/2018/01/new-technology-beams-heat-into-space/


    Maybe, it could take any gas, and run for like a few seconds at a time, and if built inside the asteroid, it will produce too much heat to handle. It will liquefy any gas and if that gas turns into something with excess solid, the solid will come out of the machine as well falling on the ground

  3. Table salt should be more or less, more of the total amount of salt. Because salt isn't purely table salt. There's mineral salts in there too. However, why not there be a mineral bath for dupes, which is as wide as the toilet is tall and as tall as the toilet is wide. It'll make dupes believe that they're in better health! Plus. dupes should remove both exosuits and any sweaters, vests, or suits before showering or soaking. Plus, dupes do need a new woven pair of pants. Their printday suit may just be a fancy fleece coat, and they could use some new pants.