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  1. I get exactly the same issue as described by OP. My world seed is 334166418 By the time I reached the gravitas lobby/monument, meteors were hitting the inside of it. The obsidian outer wall is physically destroyed, but still remains visually. If you enable the light overlay, light passes through the blocks that were meant to be destroyed. Meteors pass through the same blocks. As OP mentioned, the longer you play, the more of the blocks get destroyed. They're restored each time you reload the save.
  2. Seems like it's caused by material color / onion patcher mod. The error goes away after removing it and doing a Steam integrity check. It returned after using onion patcher to apply the mods again. Going to miss the gas overlay. Really wish that was in vanilla! Thanks for spotting the error @AlexRou
  3. Hi. I've been playing the latest update but hit two crashes within about 5 minutes of each other. I've attached the two dump files and the output log. The save file is also attached. output_log.txt SimDLL_CRASH_release_254781_20180210-16.59.08.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_release_254781_20180210-17.01.21.dmp The New Ark Cycle 61.sav
  4. This is the first preview (and Klei game) I've been around for. Loving the new content!