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  1. Tempshift Plates Can't Be Selected After Creation

    I am able to select them, if I am in oxygen overlay "F1" - but yeah it seems like it should be easier, or at least from the temprature overlay as well
  2. Should be, with arms, ... I had a different idea, one storage unit for each type of material in a central location, each maintaining a certain storage, then any other resource beeing moved far away to a storage vault where it does not take up space in the base, I hope this can be done, with the arms
  3. This is what i read the smart battery as beeing
  4. This should be a bug, one my very first go, I just had a yokel with an interest in research, well maybe not a bug, but thats one depresse dupe, that will never ever achive its dreams :-/
  5. Four if you count the picture
  6. Epic! - But does this update include hats ?, we need hats... sometime in the future.