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  1. I see what you mean but looks like you haven't paid attention about what was said... food is the least problem of that game, you can't use tents in fights and being more hungry just because yes and you need to eat more and that being worth? For me, i don't think so. In my pov you just said what every general character would do, food is really not a problem. Yes, characters do need to have pros and cons, but the cons you pay are really not worth the effort, they make gameplays BORING and not HARDER. Also, with @reDink's example, he mostly plays in public servers, and they don't even reach spring for the character usage, you basically can't do nothing with the character. You're ignoring many scenarios saying this in that way. You also didn't said anything about his other mechanics, Theyre just incomplete... you pay much for nothing. I don't want to sound rude, just arguing.
  2. Dunno what you mean, the only character that offer "challenge" for the game is Wes, and even after getting experience it doesn't matter the character you're using, things are always the same. Not even Wes make the game hard. We are searching for fun and gameplay improvements. The only thing challenging in wormwood is his healing difficulty, all the other downsides are just boring and unnecessary. What is listed mentioned as "good challenging downsides" feels like "unused content" for me, what makes his gameplay unnecessarily boring. Really, there comes a time when it doesn't matter who you're playing with, nothing else is hard for you to deal. The only reason I play Wendy is not because she's "easy", but because looking back at her, when I was playing her before the rework, she was one of the only characters that had an unique and fun gameplay style for me, not just a "resource gatherer slave", that how playing Wickerbottom, Wormwood, etc.. feels like. The way you play her is different comparing to the other ones, and it was simple! After the rework she got unnecessary, not worthy and boring statistics, making you do things you didn't before and paying for prices that wasn't needed before, (that's how I see wormwood at the moment, his downsides are just unused or poorly implemented mechanics), and me and many people requested a "rework fix", so now she's in a better state! She's worth the effort you do and gameplay is now the same, but with different - and better - funny mechanics! Wendy is just the same, she's strong with Abigail, and the normal Wendy without her. Some people said she's easier, other said she's harder.. I, as a main, think she's just perfect and fun to play. I'm not looking for difficulty because again, everything get easy when you get experience, I'm looking for funny mechanics to play with, and Wormwood's ones do have a potential, but is not properly used. Not everyone looks for something hard to play, just fun and different ways to do it, if you want something like that Wes is your way to go, and limit you by yourself your healing methods, the fact that Wormwood can't heal like others doesn't mean you can't do that on your own, don't need to use it as an excuse. The main factor on wormwood is the new things he can do, the craftings and new form, mechanics that gives annoying prices to pay for bad stuff (what you gonna do with movespeed in a complete map world in spring? Open it even more? Would make more sense being able to use it when you want then), not hard ones, we are looking for fun improvements, not making gameplay easier. You can make your own gameplay harder, his downsides doesn't make it harder (not saying about less heal, but one more time, you can do that by yourself, don't need to use that as an excuse), just annoying. Anyway, I guess I said everything was needed, hope you can understand. Edit: any new reply I didn't readed, sorry, this was one of the last ones I saw. Edit2: Just to be clear too: I'm not saying that Klei job is awful or anything like that, please I don't want it to look like that, it's their creation after all, we are just asking for improvements that in my side, the player view, they can't think about. They need our feedback for doing something, so all comments are appreciated, as they help Klei to reach a good conclusion for everyone, and if you don’t comment, at least like it .. Maybe the repercussions of these ideas do not spread so much, since the launch of Wormwood was a time ago, but still I, we, as players can still change something, not now, but it will help in the future
  3. I can agree with basically... all of that! Before someone say it, let me clarify something too: We know KLEI have other priorities at the moment but it's always nice to give these feedbacks so when they're free, they'll be able to collect the information and work with it at the right moment. Now about the vague ideas, I can give some interesting ones! -- Let's reinforce something again: Wormwood is a PLANT! So, with that in mind, here r my ideas: Characters while WET start losing sanity.. but Wormwood is not a common character, he's an MoonPlant character, so why not increase his sanity while wet? The more Wet, more sanity he regenerates (I'm not giving values, but there are decent and balanced amounts for that). The same for life regen: While 95/100% WET he starts regenerating life. (I'm not giving values, but there are decent and balanced amounts for that, again) For that, I agree that the movespeed bonus is not worth the hunger losing and also should be able to "BLOOM/DEBLOOM". What should be the perk, then?: Not just more movespeed but 1.25x more damage and maybe lifesteal? (Since his healing methods are limited) and also, while Bloomed he could be healed 2x more than normal. The turn on/off option would be AWESOME, saying again, plus while bloomed you lose wetness slower, but could lose sanity because of it, to balance the sanity gain from wetness. Just an extra idea but when eating a Flower Salad or a new recipe (using honey, cactus flower and/or normal petals) he could Bloom for something like half a day, and you could also turn on or off. Edit: Extra - While bloomed, when he's next to plants he can make them grow faster. Moon plant powers xD Extra 2: Another idea from @Br Whity that is very nice: Wormwood attract bees for 0 reasons, make the bees yellow again when they hit him while bloomed too.. That's it, he DOES need some improvement so please, people looking at this post, comment your opinions! Wormwood is not that "famous" comparing to other characters, but it's not because of that he'll be left behind! And Klei, we know all the team is busy with other plans and dealing with this pandemic is not easy, but when the priorities be finished, keep these ideas in mind! All of you are a great team, keep it strong! Wormwood is not a free character so at least improve him for making the purchase worth for the player.
  4. These are some outfits i've made for using as Wendy: 1° Casual Roseatte 2° Fisher/Sea Explorer Triumphant 3° Student GoH 4° Artist Survivor 5° Tuxedo Nostalgic 6° Farmer Gladiator 7° Stylish Victorian With exception of Wendyflower that i don't have, i don't like mixing the other skins so i just use the standart one. That's all!
  5. It never made a difference as Abigail rewarded her lack of damage with her own damage, and just like before, her downside kicks in when she is without Abigail. It can be most of but it's not at all times that she will be with you, as always. Now it was improved and you can help allies. Wendy and Abigail are such a good pair now, but as a team they work even better. I understand your opinions but there is nothing to complain about, Wendy was never a complicated character and I see no reason to be now. I don’t play with her because she's easy but because of the unique gameplay she had, which has now returned and was improved.
  6. Well, only if Abigail is with her. Most of the time, but not all.
  7. Everything became clearer now, thanks for the clarification! I got confused with this whole math xD Nice work with these informations!
  8. What you mean with "has all normal shield buffs"? I'm kinda confused with how it works. And it's 20 raw damage? Not %?
  9. I have no words to express how grateful I am! They do so well together now as they do with a team! Klei, she got to the point that any change could throw everything up again, in this current situation is where she can stay. Thank you for reading our opinions and coming to a good conclusion! DEAR GOD I'M SO HAPPY!!!! I am also very glad to see a team that works with their fans, all of you do a great job and I wish more and more success! But about the new Elixir, i would like to say something: Nightshade Nostrum: Can be crafted with 2 nightmare fuels at most. It's an effort that goes beyond Wendy's focus to add more damage and it's more related to "night". That's all i can say by now, she's really good, thanks for that, Klei <333 I guess her damage is 14/23/36 now
  10. Imo with the exception of damage and defense tonics that are basically not worth the effort, i accept all others as situational tonics, but I saw an idea to make the smallest healing tonic an "instant" healing tonic, giving 20-30 healing points the moment it is applied, but maintaining the effect of the other.
  11. Not wrong at all. Imo these final changes isn't needed (not saying you're wrong), when they (if they) fix what we are asking here, Abigail and Wendy's fight are no longer going to be a problem.
  12. Just as my friend said here, that sounds PERFECT. I just thought it was a good idea, but even if they don't change the way damage is achieved, that penalty needs to go away. She could at least get +5 damage per Tier, totalizing 30 at Tier 3 at least. Her maximum damage could still bem 60 based on health and her level up days could multiply, as you can see. I just hope Klei do a nice decision.
  13. Being insane is cool, it's like "the more insane, the more tied to abigail" so she gets stronger and it doesn't sacrifice your participation, but even that way the penalty need to be removed.
  14. Uhm, if you don't like do Kite with a hambat (i don't really know how it is in a console) treeguards can deal with Deerclops, that's an cheap tactic. You can also use the swamp or toothtraps. That can work for Bearger too, and when they're low or too much damaged you can enter in the action. But about all that, let's move it to other topics, because the main idea of this one is opinions and ideas about these tweaks, it's getting too extended with other conversations, i am feeling that this can divert attention a lot from what was planned. Bosses and Wendy really don't match together. If you want or need to discuss about tactics, go ahead and create another topic! I can even go there if I have something to say. I don't want to sound rude, but it was necessary to say xd