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  1. He wasn't worrying since the beefalo just tank hits for him and he was almost flawlessly kiting DF slaps, only being damage a few low times, the issue was this super necessary and consistent mechanic of your tamed fighter beefalo getting away, which in a fighting scenario or not it's This: And there are interactable things you can do on top of your beefalo too
  2. I don't understand how "learning and dealing" with an annoying and unnecessary behaviour is better than just improving it, for real, no excuses make a minimum of sense. Your fully tamed and bonded beefalo getting distance from you? Really? I don't see how this would be ever logically useful. "Oh but doing like that he can get safe or whatever" and you stand there like a potato. Even in a peaceful scenario where nothing is happening this is meaningless, please, the even worse part is the beefalo was suposed to fight, but excluding fights from the topic, your tamed partner should be always close to you.
  3. This is not about if he was fighting properly or not, i was watching the whole battle and he was doing perfectly fine, he just dismounted to guarantee the beefalo wasn't going to pull him off, which was unlikely to happen, and maybe even heal him because he did suffered some slaps but not many tho, but the beefalo just started running away for a LONG time with 0 reasons and Esai paid a big price for it. If the devs see this and the behaviour from the beefalo could be not fixed but improved, then the point of this topic was achieved
  4. Yeah, and even when a fight is not happening, he just does that randomly
  5. These are some outfits i've made for using as Wendy: 1° Casual Roseatte 2° Fisher/Sea Explorer Triumphant 3° Student GoH 4° Artist Survivor 5° Tuxedo Nostalgic 6° Farmer Gladiator 7° Stylish Victorian With exception of Wendyflower that i don't have, i don't like mixing the other skins so i just use the standart one. That's all!
  6. It never made a difference as Abigail rewarded her lack of damage with her own damage, and just like before, her downside kicks in when she is without Abigail. It can be most of but it's not at all times that she will be with you, as always. Now it was improved and you can help allies. Wendy and Abigail are such a good pair now, but as a team they work even better. I understand your opinions but there is nothing to complain about, Wendy was never a complicated character and I see no reason to be now. I don’t play with her because she's easy but because of the unique gameplay she had, which has now returned and was improved.
  7. Well, only if Abigail is with her. Most of the time, but not all.
  8. Everything became clearer now, thanks for the clarification! I got confused with this whole math xD Nice work with these informations!
  9. What you mean with "has all normal shield buffs"? I'm kinda confused with how it works. And it's 20 raw damage? Not %?
  10. I have no words to express how grateful I am! They do so well together now as they do with a team! Klei, she got to the point that any change could throw everything up again, in this current situation is where she can stay. Thank you for reading our opinions and coming to a good conclusion! DEAR GOD I'M SO HAPPY!!!! I am also very glad to see a team that works with their fans, all of you do a great job and I wish more and more success! But about the new Elixir, i would like to say something: Nightshade Nostrum: Can be crafted with 2 nightmare fuels at most. It's an effort that goes beyond Wendy's focus to add more damage and it's more related to "night". That's all i can say by now, she's really good, thanks for that, Klei <333 I guess her damage is 14/23/36 now
  11. @ScottHansen Sorry for the mention, i don't know if it's not good to do it but i will avoid doing it again. I just want to do one question: Can you give us any notices about what the team decided for the changes and Abigail "Rilled Up" hotfix? I was hoping for some news today. I thank you immediately and good night!
  12. I know that she isn't going to shine in fights and 1v1 but at least let her shine where she always did: control hordes. This damage penalty goes completely against Abigail's purpose and weakens her more than usual. Sacrificing your participation to let the other act really breaks the essence of what it was like to play before, helping each other. And also consider bringing Abigail’s aggression back. It's okay to remove against Houndius, Chester, Glommer, cave fish and cave chairs and these other structures, even the beehives are okay to remove, but give it back to butterflies, bees, bunnies, cave giant tentacles and the other ones, even bunnymans and pigs was being good. It was really helpful. The option to calm and let Abigail come back to the flower already helps a lot in her control. Edit: One more thing, make the Pipspooks after 5 seconds stopped show the way towards the trinket for players who can easily get lost, as I am seeing some having some difficulty. I know they kinda "dash" into a direction but i don't know how they act sometimes. I had no difficulties, but I saw that after a long time stopped the pipspook was taking too long to show the way again. It's just an idea that I think can be evaluated. And that way the Unyielding Draught should work, it doesn't even look like it works.. i tried many fights and i was watching Abigail's life. Using it or not, didn't made any difference.
  13. Yeah, it's all okay after the windows updates, thanks for the attention!
  14. When i summon Abigail she's invisible. I use the console command "c_gonext("Abigail") and i do teleport next to her, but she stills invisible. *This notebook has a Windows 7 Home Basic version **Edit: Installing some windows updates, wait a moment. ***Well, there was windows updates missing, that was the problem. Sorry! But it can be used as an advise.