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  1. I agree, without the priority system jobs are bad. That is why I made this thread: It is also why I am not updating from Tubular until this is fixed. (PS: you can backdate steam games.)
  2. I saw that suggestion before, was not aware it now worked like that. But, while I don't think this is a bad way for the jobs themselves to work, it is still a band-aid solution to the priority problem. It only helps older colonies who have had the time to let dupes master multiple jobs. It does nothing for younger colonies which is when you need the most flexibility.
  3. With the restrictions that the job system introduces a more flexible and nuanced priority system is a must. I hate to be that guy, but I will not be updating ONI until we have a priority system that takes jobs into account.
  4. Deconstruct order applies new priority

    This is still a thing as of Development Build: TB-247630. Any time you use the Deconstruct Tool it changes the priority of all tasks it is used over. Be it build, dig, sweep, a machine, etc. Regardless of Deconstruct filter.
  5. Automation system causes crash to desktop

    I don't recall if there is an automation wire there or not, but it is irrelevant. I crash within seconds after resuming the game, there is no time for it to be built. Almost as soon as both sensors going into the AND gate in the setup above the one in your pictures flip on, the game crashes. The gas pump plays its animation about twice then BAM, desktop. The second save crashes even faster. I made the second save by going back to an autosave before the crash and trying to tweak the setup. (Unfortunately, I do not think I can upgrade my processor at all. Short of getting something to replace this laptop.)
  6. I was trying to make an automated electrolyzer setup with a thermo sensor and an atmo sensor into an AND gate to control a gas pump. But whenever both sensors activate they crash the game to desktop with no crash screen. And I had earlier times when building the set up that the automation signals did not propagate. Included are the gamesaves that cause the crash, the crash logs and DxDiag file. The Hopeful Dump.sav The Hopeful Dump 2.sav SimDLL_CRASH_release_247630_20180118-21.53.54.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_release_247630_20180118-21.55.50.dmp DxDiag.txt