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  1. Reinstalling for me didnt work.It appears to be an issue with the save migration. The fix: -copying the data within the Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\ of your user directory to a backup directory then deleting the contents of the folder. -Start the game and it starts up ok replacing most of the contents. -Close the game and copy your most recent save files back with auto saves into the save folder. Note:You can only save your most recently opened save though (ie the one associated with the auto saves). any more and it will crash. -Start the game and with luck it should start and translate that single save into the new save format. To save more colonies: -Create a directory in the save directory with the name of the colony. -Copy the save files associated with this colony into the created folder -Create an empty auto_save directory within the folder A little labour intensive if you want to save all your colonies (I have been playing for quite a while (~3400 hrs according to steam) but this should solve the problem. Hope this solves it for others affected too. I suspect they may need to have another look at the save migration.
  2. Same with me, the game stopped working after the last update.
  3. I have noticed an issue with my gold volcano on Arboria. It appears that instead of erupting at 12.2kg/s for 33 seconds it erupts just once for a total of 12.2kg and then emits no further gold until the next eruption. Kind of makes the cooling setup a bit overkill. Edit: Further investigation (I dropped the oil level for the next eruption) suggests that the volcano was marginally overpressure (where such a setup wasn't an issue elsewhere). This suggests it was over pressure but not triggering the overpressure warning. Temporal distopia glitch.sav
  4. Slightly strange stress behaviour appears to be happening following the latest patch, my dupes are all at 0% stress on loading the save and they go to eat and suddenly they reach 100% stress (Ren and Abe particularly). This is momentarily followed by Ren vomiting himself to death. He appears to be suffocating while doing this when there is plenty of air. The Antigravity Space Hut.sav
  5. As the description says Bristle blossoms stop water flowing through pipes, however this only happens when they are exposed to light and are growing and not to all of them (some are growing fine). When you turn off the lights the water starts to flow again. The Chaotic Space Hut.sav
  6. I suppose a possible fix for the insulation issues would be to if they could treat insulated tiles as a double skin of the tiles material. This would make insulated tiles actually mean something.
  7. Possibly not worthless, just not as good unless you double layer. ie you have to have two layers of abyssalite together for it to insulate completely. So considering the biomes are at least 2-4 layers thick they will be insulated but one layer in bases is no longer sufficient. Likewise you should be able to run abyssalite pipes through abyssalite tiles with no heat transfer. Might need a few tests though
  8. I have also noted this issue to the point where the electrolyser doesn't ever produce enough hydrogen to pump to the generator. I have also noted entire caverns have their gas content disappear. I have noted it particularly with chlorine and hydrogen. Its not the wheezeworts this time as it happens without them being present.
  9. As of the latest update (2/2/2018) the dead seem to retain their jobs now. I made them jobless, but they then returned to their jobs after a couple of cycles (but not to life). I think they may be a little too committed to their work.
  10. In the jobs screen all dead dupes appear as jobless. They can be re-assigned jobs but remain dead.... if you bury them they then become nameless drop down boxes.
  11. Once food is cooked and sitting on the floor by the electric grill any dupe trying to put it in a fridge only picks up 15.3mg of food at a time. It appear to happen with any type of food.