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  1. I brought my key to Shipwrecked but i can't create my epic city island because i can't acces the crafting tab. You should be able to craft these structures in Shipwrecked and ROG too, it would be awesome to be able to make a city in these worlds but as it stands right now spawning a slanty shanty and i imagine any other structure like it will crash the game, of course hamlet's still in beta and i hope that by bringing attention to this it will later become a feature. Also one more thing, you can't craft any Hamlet Items in Shipwrecked apart from the shared ones as well as in ROG. I feel like you should be able to craft any item from any DLC as long as i have them enabled, this would make preparation to go in one of them easier, for example you could make a cloth sail in hamlet to go into shipwrecked. And you wouldn't have to travel to another world just to craft some items as well.
  2. It seems that when you put the Key to the city in an equipped Backpack it acts as though the key is dropped or in a non moving storage since you can only craft with it in close proximity to the spot you put it in, to make it clear. You're at A, you put the key in the backpack and move to B wich is far from A, even though you have the key you cannot craft with it and would have to move close to A / hold the key or put it in your inventory to use it. Suprisingly, the space where you can use it is bigger than when it is dropped. To replicate it, you got to put the key in a backpack and move away OR put it in the backpack, drop the backpack, pick it back up and move away, not sure if dropping it is a must, but that's how i did it This glitch is not very serious, as you can just hold it in the inventory, but i'm not sure if it could be used in some way to make it so you don't have to hold the key to craft or something similar to that.
  3. [URGENT] 3 FPS

    Sorry for the wait but, yes, it has gone back to normal and i have played with no problems for a couple of cycles, the issue seems fixed.
  4. I was in my Hamlet World, Day 37, i go to the ruinous entrance that leads to the second village when suddenly, after encountering snakes for the second time, my FPS drops, to an unplayable ammount. I don't know what framerate but it's very bad, i'm unsure to what caused this, since i killed the snakes to see if my framerate would come back, exited the ruins, waited for a bit, saved and quit, but my framerate was even worse than before, i use Windows and can't seem to play don't starve anymore, my shipwrecked world crashes and this one is stuck at 3 FPS, i can confirm it's an issue with my world, as i've loaded a separate Hamlet world for testing and the framerate was normal. I put log.txt here because i feel like it's got to do with the scripts/components/moisturelistener.lua(62,1) delta part because it's run like 30 times every second and i don't think it ran on my testing world, the one where i didn't lag. I've also included my DoNotStarve files, where you should be able to load my file, the first one. If you want to replicate the bug i feel like you should trigger this line and see if the game lags, modify it until it doesn't lag. or just go to my save file and try stuff until the lag dissapears, and work from that. You could also try to fix the crashing on my shipwrecked save with wolfgang. I'd like to see these bugs fixed in a future patch. DoNotStarve.rar
  5. The game will randomly crash, Don't know why or how, but i've left the contents of the "Do Not Starve" file at the end, because i don't know wich one is the correct save, it's the only shipwrecked save there is, at the second slot. It doesn't take you to the game crashing screen though, just closes down with no explanation. This bug makes the game unplayable, as when you attempt to do something, it just crashes. backup_log.txt log.txt boot_modindex cave_1_1_2 cave_1_1_5 cave_2_1_4 cave_2_2_4 modindex modicon.tex modicon.xml modinfo.lua modmain.lua minimapwidget.lua motd motd_image profile saveindex saveindex_backup_1477369257 shipwrecked_1 shipwrecked_4 survival_1 survival_2 survival_3 survival_4 survival_5 volcano_4
  6. Unable to Change Job

    I thought of this too, but if i remember correctly i waited one full cycle before using debug. Also, after using debug i remember that the dupe had the stats from the job mastery despite never getting the jobs mastered notification. No, it is necessary for Mechatronics Engineer though, you might have gotten them mixed up.
  7. Can't hit Deerclops

    Evidently this was my issue, and apparently it can happen with all giants, thanks for the help!
  8. i'm sure i've found more than 2 new bugs, but i've only looked into those 2 as they were the most urgent ones.
  9. So, I've encountered a lot of new bugs as of the Expressive Upgrade, here's a list of them Stuck Dupe Glitch: Dupes will randomly stand in one place trying to complete an action (ie. delivering). The dupe can glitch it's animations while doing this, and they will be immobile, when clicked on it says wich action they're trying to do, so it's not idling. Might have to do with the animations displayed when completing research, as when manually moved they have done their Clap/Happy animation, all though these animations have only played 2 times while glitched. Stamina Recovery Glitch: When sleeping, some dupes will not gain Stamina. the dupe will sleep, but will lose stamina as if they were awake. Stuck Dupe, as you can see they're standing still, yet they're "Going To Cook" Stamina Glitch, The duplicant is Sleeping, yet they're not recovering Stamina, this glitch is not exclusive to daytime and can happen at night aswell. Despite both images being of the same duplicant, the glitches can happen on anyone as far as i know.
  10. So i've had this issue since the dawn of time, when trying to hit deerclops with the attack key (Default "F") the character will swing the weapon normally, but will not deal damage to deerclops, however, when clicking on him i was able to hit him, as well as the first few times pressing the attack key. Last time, this issue happened on my hosted server, and i don't think it was lag, as i was able to move, equip items, and more with little to no delay.
  11. So, I've run into an Issue, One of my Dupes who was a miner that i later switched to a Courier had mastered it's job, but when i wanted to make him an Exosuit Engineer i couldn't do it. His job was at 100% and i should have been able to switch his jobs. I have no idea what caused this, and it didn't happen for any other duplicant that i had. I was able to switch his jobs when i turned on Debug Instant Build Mode (aka. Ctrl F4), When i did this the problem was fixed, i could switch his jobs around without the use of Ctrl F4. the dupe was Devon
  12. I'd say this is better suited for Suggestions and Feedback, since this is something you would like to see (aka. a Suggestion), there isn't any gameplay impact, it's not an unintended event (Ex. Water coming out of pipes when loading a save file) and it is really occasional.
  13. When i equipped my Duplicant with a Snazzy Suit and they did an action with an Atmo Suit on. The texture bugged out, displaying different sprites of the Snazzy Suit in a rectangle as seen bellow. I don't think the file is bugged, i'm pretty sure it's across all saves, but just in case here it goes. Snazzy Suit Bug.sav
  14. Sorry if my english is not optimal, i speak Spanish. So, i've noticed that in This Save, when i continue, some of my Hydroponic Farms will Drop Water (Bottled) that is in the Pipes behind them As you can see there is water on top of them and the pipes on them are empty, however, the ones that aren't stay the same As far as i know it only works on water, you don't lose any of it, it just appears on top of them Here's the glitched save file, all tough i don't know if it's unique to this file, or is present in all save files. Water Glitch.sav