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  1. The fish releaser won't count the fishes. The normal critter drop-off do it. See pictures. I also tried all possible position for the fish release. I reloaded the savefile, restarted the game and check the files via steam and it's still not working.
  2. If you want to scroll through the materials menu and hit the space between the icons the camera zooms in or out.
  3. The Game crashes every time I load a savefile and unpause the game. I have no idea why it crash. I uploaded the .dmp file and my savegame. I hope somebody can tell my what is wrong with my savefile, or my savefile is useless for me and all the work was for nothing.... ;( SimDLL_CRASH_release_247630_20180117-21.38.51.dmp Tubular Upgrade 2.sav