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  1. Well it was one of those rare groups where it's six plus people who all don't know what they're doing trying to stay alive in a game which will kill you endlessly for not knowing what you are doing. And so all the people with 200+ hours end up being the ones that have to support the entire group while everybody either sits at base because it's too cold or dies randomly to junk and has to be revived until their max health is invisible.
  2. Like eight people died to hounds while I was in the caves, then when I came back to revive them they all suddenly remembered there was a touchstone less then a screen away. So they all started using the touchstone, which caused lightning strikes to set the base on fire. Then one of them hit me and I died. Maxwell showed up with two waterballoons afterwards to try to put the fires out.
  3. Here's the official version ported from the thread I first put it on. So I filled Chester up with red gems, then when the full moon came he turned into this
  4. They stream all the time yet the only stuff they stream has absolutely nothing to do with the actual work they are doing at the moment on the game. So many missed opportunities to promote future content and build up hype.
  5. The only information you put out though is the announcement of when you start working on content and the announcement the day before you release it. There's no middle ground, no updates on your progress or sharing of what you're working on. So people have zero idea about what's going on or what they can expect during the months of time between content updates. And then all this happens. It has nothing to do with giving estimations and dates on the release, it's the complete silence and secrecy through the entire development process that is the problem. Most developers at least release updates showcasing what mechanics or new areas will be featured in their new content, or the general idea of what they plan to be working on soon. It's how you promote yourself and keep people involved.
  6. Most of the cringe in her fanart is from people who either don't know this or don't find it sexy enough.
  7. That tree isn't as useful for making dark swords though it doesn't generate as much nightmare fuel as the one I found.
  8. Wouldn't that make hunger trivial then if the currency was easy to get though.
  9. Unless the currency has no other use though it likely won't be very worth it then considering how easy it is to get food in general. Shops are generally only valuable when there's no other way to get what they're selling on your own, otherwise you might as well just get it yourself.
  10. If the camera wasn't fixed then it would end up giving view beyond the walls, or they'd have to create deadzones just for the camera in those specific places so yeah having it fixed is the easiest option. What worries me about the currencies though is that having to pay for food could lead to the game becoming a currency grind as opposed to a survival experience. Unless the game is meant to center around the player raiding dungeons which give currency to buy food in town.