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  1. I’ve had this same issue too, I’m really surprised it hasn’t been fixed yet since it’s coming out of beta this month. Just now they stopped after I entered and exited my shanty. Maybe most people don’t experience it but it’s every hamlet game I play. Not a huge problem except that my old laptop takes forever to load the game on restart
  2. Still an issue unfortunately, I love all the attention don’t starve is getting and I hope this gets fixed eventually, I definitely agree it’s something with the pigeons, if I save in the hamlet and reload only the pigeons will spawn but if I save in any other biome they spawn again until I go back to the hamlet.
  3. yeah same here, its been awhile since I played shipwrecked so i when it didnt work besides the alchemy engine i built a shadow manipulator and stood by it but still no luck. Crap guess that means no ruins crafting in rog either with it