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  1. Still an issue unfortunately, I love all the attention don’t starve is getting and I hope this gets fixed eventually, I definitely agree it’s something with the pigeons, if I save in the hamlet and reload only the pigeons will spawn but if I save in any other biome they spawn again until I go back to the hamlet.
  2. I’m really hoping we get the QOL update and hamlet when it’s out of beta. As far as bugs they have solved a good amount but seeing this is recent maybe you ran into a really bad one? Only three that stick out to me now is having to restart the save when entering the ruins (restart fixes it though and you can plunder them just fine) but the really irritating one is when using the telelocator, volcano or star callers staff, the casting noise continually loops over and over like some creepy, awful chant until you restart which really deters me from using the star callers, it’s just that horrible. And also the volcano not erupting during dry season. Overall I’m still happy with it I am nearing day 800 with Wilson and have unlocked all the characters and fought all the bosses with no troubles with bugs, I know the devs have their hands full with all the cool updates to both DS and DST on PC but I agree with some updates to the switch version when possible (maybe dst too :D)
  3. yeah same here, its been awhile since I played shipwrecked so i when it didnt work besides the alchemy engine i built a shadow manipulator and stood by it but still no luck. Crap guess that means no ruins crafting in rog either with it
  4. QOL update report

    I know that feeling, but don't give up on em yet I'm sure we're going to see a few patches from Klei
  5. QOL update report

  6. QOL update report

    Seaworthy crashed my game and I lost a save I believe due to me having stone turf crafted from the key to the city tab in my inventory when jumping between worlds since I was not experiencing any problems with it before that, though I can't say for sure. Also I read on here before (too late unfortunately) not to use the remove under mouse function inside your home, I had placed a cabinet that was invisible so I tried to get rid of it, and lost the save. Sucks but it's the risk you take, it still is the beta after all, and I'm absolutely loving the content and pumped for the QOL update. lol I would totally die to this, reminds me of the time I found a full thuelecite set as WX and jumped onto a 1 hp away from sinking boat accidently just in time for a crocodog to nudge me into the deep. I got to swing that club ONCE