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  1. @Ipsquiggle Can you confirm that the Shearing Station also received the same treatment as the Grooming Station in this update to only work in a proper stable? I found my dreckos which are in a open ranch not getting sheared unlike before the update.
  2. Refer to chlorine room in the bottom left of base. The average gas pressure in the room is 1862g of chlorine gas, and no off-gassing of slime occurs in normal gameplay (cycle 501 > 507). However, a reload of my save file causes the slime to off-gas immediately upon unpausing. Cycle 501 is before chlorine room is filled with slime to verify gas pressure, cycle 507 is where the off-gassing was found (although slime off-gassing was also found on reload of the saves of the cycles in between). The Breathless Moonbase Cycle 501.sav The Breathless Moonbase Cycle 507.sav
  3. I believe the joint-plate taking up a 1x3 space should be intentional as you are expected to connect heavi-watt wires on either ends and those wires cannot be built on/under other tiles anyway. Weird. I will wait for a new batch of hatches and see if those eat from the feeder for a final verdict.
  4. Seems that it is not yet fixed. My poor hatchlings are still starving to death.
  5. This is my duplicant #6 which I got from the printing pod, assigned to a farmhand job, and with 0 levels in construction. She is somehow able to build this water pump and other buildings despite her 'Unconstructive' trait.
  6. I have encountered a bug whereby a mechanised airlock made out of gold amalgam was rated at -273 degrees C. Steps that I have taken which made this happened is listed below. The bug seemed to be gone after a reload of my save.