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  1. New Skills Notification

    Clicking on the "New Skills" notification crashes game... I've tried on three different game saves and crashes on all three
  2. Gas / Liquid output is bugged

    build order doesn't resolve the issue with me... it only gets resolved with reloading for me.
  3. I have this issue as well
  4. No UNKNOWN TAGs Alert

    I got the same thing
  5. Polymer Press

    What ever the glitch was, it corrected itself. While I was looking into what might be causing it, the press started working properly and I've gone about 10 cycles and it works correctly so far
  6. Polymer Press

    My polymer press is not producing plastic but is using up resources and exhausting co2. I've looked to see if the temp was too high and was making naptha instead but it wasn't doing that either. it looks to me like it is showing the first few automations then resetting back to the beginning and not completing the process.