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  1. Screenshot showcase

    And here we have an invasive species... wait, is this the wrong game?
  2. I would be an OP character. You can't die of starvation if you're already dead inside!
  3. Wendy has a canon age

    pulls out spear abigail is ready to play :^)
  4. Wendy has a canon age

    "Kill the Glommer! Spill it's blood!"
  5. Well, skins don't scream when you don't feed them. edit:ohgodthisexploded
  6. In my first time in the ruins, I was panicking and almost dying. with my last sliver of health, I used the telelocator staff to try and get away from the chaos.
  7. Then the mysterious black haired Pyromaniac set him on fire for using a weird device on her while screaming something about a witch.
  8. New Hot Lava Promo Skin

    Mmm, that's hot.
  9. Bold of you to assume I have friends.
  10. Abigail with a mouth in the end is cursed
  11. Ah yes. My Favorite class. The Sister Reviver.
  12. Who's next?

    i dont think Abby can build anything >.>