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  1. "Why the hell did you burn down the base?!" Incomprehensible grunts
  2. okay but imagine don't starve pyroland. Hounds are all happy and just nuzzle you to deal damage All items become cutesy (Spear turns into lollipop, etc.) All depressed-looking characters look all cutesy and happy, their quotes are changed for the Pyro too, Maybe ghosts become Cherubis? As you start losing sanity, the world slowly turns to normal etc. etc. etc.
  3. *cough* Waifu Tier List

    visible concern
  4. Well that's definitely not passive-aggressive.
  5. LOL What an idiot Everyone knows you have to use a life giving amulet.
  6. I'm a Wendy Main- Clearly, Wendy is truly the best character. Abigail is just so useful, fighting mobs for me while I laugh in the background aaaand she got killed by a tentacle again.
  7. Can I play The gorge?

    No, but maybe.
  8. May be worth noting that Wendy has no idea what a hair dryer is. (She says something along the lines of "I simply do not know what it is" when examining the hair dryer trinket.)
  9. This is probably the most boring response I could add to here, but I don't see Wendy on the Survivor's abduction list and I feel ripped off >:,(
  10. Crawling Horror 1: I fear no man.. But that, thing.. It scares me. Crawling Horror 2: No, I ain't talking about that freak alright.. He's not here, Is he? Terrorbeak: One shudders to imagine what inhuman thoughts lie behind those eyes.. ...What dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty?
  11. Who Wouldn't be afraid of him? He looks like he could beat me up and steal all my lunch money just by looking at me
  12. Public server community

    This is why we can't trust vegans.
  13. The last character?

    This weirdly reminds me of Meet the Medic
  14. Nobody cares Console players

    "Dear Klei, I want my console to be a computer."