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  1. 1. Yeah probably 2. Bowties are just fun to draw and I really only draw them on "nerdy" characters. I had to google what a herun is but yes he is one.
  2. Wilbur seamonkey skin Pink like the true seamonkey
  3. Grew from the ground one day. Everyone just calls him Jack. Good at farming Can light up at night Doesn't eat pumpkin and sanity drops a lot when eating vegetables
  4. New mob idea Skeledeer To summon Skeledeer you first need to kill no eye deer and find a skull. The next step requires the deer skull along with bone shards, some pieces of meat, nightmare fuel, and a heart. You need to assemble the bone shards to be deer shaped then place the meat and everything else into the center. Once you put the heart into their chest they start to come to life Skeledeer are bigger than normal no-eye deer but also stronger and will fight back when attack when attacked. They are basically made of bone but do have organs and some meat on the inside. Unlike the eyeless ones they do have offspring but few. The males are pretty feisty and often fight each other for dominance. The bone and horns from skeledeer are very hard and good for making things out of like weapons, ETC. During their rare mating season, they are extremely aggressive to those who approach. They can be tamed with fruit and veggies. If tame enough you can ride them and they can even haul sleds that are used for transporting things. These animals are mainly used for faster transportation to place to place but also good for when you but don't want to carry things all the way back to base. They only drop a few morsels when killed.
  5. Ha... about that. Its not really a yes or a no. They tend to fight