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  1. Ok. I got it to work. For some reason windows decided not to install the 1709 update. I was still on windows version 1706... I will never understand Microsoft. Forcing everyone to autoinstall updates with win10 and then not installing all of them... For other people with the same problem: To find out what version windows is on press win-key + r and run "winver". If you don't have the newest version you can force windows update to check for new updates under settings -> update and security -> search for updates. Even if it says there are no updates it can't hurt to force a recheck. PS: The link in the pinned "Help and technical support" thread in steam (http://steamcommunity.com/app/457140/discussions/1/133258092242338364/ ) points to a non-existant oni-alpha bugtracker. That should be easy to fix.
  2. Well. That was the fastest crash yet. About 20 seconds ingame time. First dump is 1080p windowed Second is a smaler window. Steam UI was already off before. SimDLL_CRASH_release_247630_20180116-03.06.34.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_release_247630_20180116-03.09.35.dmp The nvidia overlay is also off. I'm giving up for tonight. it's 3:40 in the morning here. Leave a message if you think of anything else.
  3. I don't quite know what other games I have that use unity. I have many games, but I normaly don't check the engine... I think I found the option you mentioned in the nvidia control panel under desktop size and position or whatever that section might be called in the english version. At least that is the only thing that had any scaling stuff that I could find. (I had an AMD Card in my previous PC, so I don't know the nvidia settings not that well yet...) Sadly setting the option to no scaling did nothing for the games stability. Crashdumps attached as allways. This time I used the release version. The last dump is when I puit the game in win7 Compat mode with the Full Screen scaling deactivated checkmark set. This has another funktion id causing the crash in the dump file. Still the same funktion though. Any more ideas? SimDLL_CRASH_release_247630_20180116-02.23.54.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_release_247630_20180116-02.28.42.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_release_247630_20180116-02.38.50.dmp
  4. I think if it would be a general nvidia/windows problem it would be more common. What options are you talking about? Changing scaling? What do you mean? Are talking about DirectDraw in regards to "legacy windows components"? That is the only thing i can think of with that term. That or Compatibility mode... I'd like more details, please.
  5. I did update my Graphics Card driver recently and have version 390.65 for my 1060. I did try a rollback to 388.71 and the game crashed with that version as well. The crash dump is attached. Windows 10 is also updated. Last update KB4023057 at the 12th. SimDLL_CRASH_development_public_247630_20180114-18.58.20.dmp
  6. I just brought the game and can't play it for longer than 5 mins. I get into the game and start playing (not the new game bug). After a short amount of time the game crashes to desktop. The game is always still in Cycle 0. I don't get an error message. Reinstall of vcredist did not help. 3 Crash Dumps, output_log, dxdiag and MSinfo are attached. The savegame will probably not help, but I attached it anyway. It happens on any new game. A look into the dmp-files with DebugDiag shows always the same function crashing: FMODSTUDIO!FMOD::GEOMETRYI::SETUSERDATA+8D6A9 with a 0xc5 (access violation) exception. The memory address is not constant. I assume a local problem, but can't pinpoint it... PS: Also tested the Live branch. That crashes the same way. SimDLL_CRASH_development_public_247630_20180113-18.01.08.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_development_public_247630_20180113-18.21.54.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_development_public_247630_20180113-18.23.15.dmp output_log.txt DxDiag 2018-01-13.txt MSinfo 2018-01-13.txt Spacejunk.sav