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  1. Well i have a new issue, when i attempted to utilize the beta option and install those things, ever since then i am now LOCKED out of steam all together and it's been really fun spending a few days trying to get it working again, i tried all the tricks on the net and absolutely nothing it working. lol i swear this is my life, if its not this is net harassment... it never ends, i learned that Q'ing any beta installs will cause this issue probably on any os under win10.. it is a nightmare i already uninstalled and reinstalled rebooted, deleted, compatibility, nothing at the regedit part for myself now seeing if i can find anything related to the beta issue and remove it from registry cause that has got to be it. no game time woot, just when i got it working, smh, and all my HD's are filled with good stuff and i can't back it up anywhere or format anything to make a new install to fix the issue that way..throws hands up, i took yesterday off from the pc all together, to get used to not even using this pc stuff anymore it is just a nightmare and for steam to know of this issue for years and not fixing it even better. ^I already tweeted people, not going to lie this is pretty horrible, i probably could game without the steam (hoping) and needing steam at all for games is pretty **** tbh. Especially if things do not work without steam being loaded that is just retarded. Edit: having the best time with this game/situation and yup you can't play crap without steam, man i miss the old days without this ****. mmc issue, deleted a reg folder starts fx ends in 11 was able to load steam, then it was a windows firewall issue with ports being blocked, now i never want to join a beta again, pitty i like to help but not when i become locked out of things i paid for. Back to no issues... i am not touching anything i do not even want to update steam anymore...i do not like issues..
  2. So i figured it out... it was nearly obvious but wasn't and show be noted somewhere on site or something where you NEED to install a CLEAN version possibly EVERY-TIME you update the game. I had the alpha updating the entire time since the start of my purchase that was my issue, wokring 100% afaik i only loaded it and tested to see if it would load up. Man feels good i even screamed (yeah baby) figuring it out on my own, thank you so much Andrew for your posts and attempts to help. included 3 images 1 is the new install and getting an error, 2nd with steam and missing files is the same install, so the 1st time was filled with errors... which might have contributed to my issues besides having alpha installed still, and 3rd is working and loaded 0 loading errors if i come across any issues i'll come back obviously till then i'm in there like swimwear!
  3. I waited an hour, might find an old hd and see if a clean install just for the game will fix this.
  4. Zero mods just downloading the updates. Made it to cycle 100 today once again just to show an in-game img this time, showing cycle 34, showing year and the user name. Perhaps it does have something to do with the shader message? i wish i could figure this out cause i'm on the old stuff and its a bit downing being at the same level since when i purchased. Again just to the devs if there is a service that needs to be on, i have to turn said service on. Thanks for attempting to help, as i need it.
  5. ***(not live version)*** Sort of a big issue there, i tried to manually remove avast and i am locked out of being able to remove it or get into safe mode, but I've already adjusted all the settings and services how i like them and it takes nearly 3 whole days to get this back to where it is and that would be only 50% of how i want it. It suck big time however i just reinstalled a previous version and i got up to cycle 100 before i died, i notice there is a memory leak or just the memory rises if you stay on the game beyond 3 hours. On Live Version: I installed both x64/x86 redistributors took a screen shot and attempted to run the public_dev build in hopes a miracle would happen, that is a nope. How does one work then the other doesn't? I also think it has to do with a windows service that NEEDS to be on to play the game? I only mention this because i have the windows installer disabled and had to enable it to allow for the installation of the included .exe runtime files. So devs if a windows service i am unaware of has to be enabled i would like to know so i can allow it so i can game, why would i need this is beyond me, i also allowed your game to access the net and the 225. request i have no idea about also. Imgs included. To add my edits do not prevent me from doing anything with any other game, just this game... I can install new software, hardware ect with my edits to my os, there is no issue there, i do not have to reinstall everything, that would be ridiculous. No idea, back to the alpha build i suppose since you can clearly see by the images i was on it for a while, -minus 10 hours to the time you see and in the past day i was gaming for that long with no issues on previous version, can't be on my end.
  6. (original post ^moved up there were it should have been.) Newest: Archive build works 100% over on this end, think i'll sit on this till a stable update comes out. New: So new update, I've UNinstalled BOTH 2015 / 2017 x86 and x64 redistributables and then ONLY installed 2015 x86/x64 versions and it was telling me i did not have it installed..?! so i took the .dll's from the system folders and put them where the .exe is and it loads and stalls again at that same location. I would say to make life easier for you all, just include the necessary files with the .exe if it works it works..i've tried a lot more things and nothing is working on my end. What ever the infusion of the Oxygen is doing or the auto world generation, is doing something to prevent the game from loading. Rant: If by chance this is to circumvent installations on non-retail os's that is just silly, don't bother with that people will do what they do no matter what. Now i do not want to go and download a cracked copy of the game just to play it (doubt i would) but this is pretty crap atm. 2 days gone trying to do thing on my own and finding out its within the .exe that the issue resides and i can't do anything about it means i shouldn't have updated. ./.end
  7. PC / Problem img of being stuck on 51.8% NO ISSUES - https://imgur.com/a/B66U9 - just sits there playing the music i can close the game fine.. MDMP File Don't have any Oxygen Not Included Save Files Can't even start a world / save to provide one. ^I downloaded user posted save files and they do not work, says someone broke my game report / quit options screen. Remarks / attempts to fix on my own: The lack of information when there isn't a crash doesn't help me with this situation, I've done countless edits/folder/file changes, add/removed dlls(sys/folder,ect.) changed options in gfx config, steam codes, verify, added options, changed windows from full to windowed, turned of sound completely, crashes game on purpose to see a log, held shift for options, search the net for solutions to my problem on web pages and youtube videos. Good luck, the only thing i got is it has something to do with the infusion of oxygen since it gets stuck there. Edit just tidying it up.(no changes, really.)