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  1. Well try doing everything once again. I have added mods to Don'tStarveDedicatedServer in Steam, however need to be done in Steamcmd. Do it like this: 1. Get list of mods' ID you want (for example: Global positions' ID is 378160973, found in URL adress of Steam which is:, next to id=) 2.Go to <your localization of Steam>\Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\mods Here are all mods in format of workshop-ID. Get the mods you need by ID and copy then. 3. Go to <your steamcmd location>\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server\mods and paste all the mods you need. 4. In same location as you are now, open dedicated_server_mods_setup with Notepad (right click it - open with - click Notepad) and write all the mods down in this syntax: --#Name ServerModSetup("ID") Remember to NOT delete message in the file! Also you will want to configure mods, and I will give same instruction as moderators of this site give: 1. Open your game 2. Make a new server in any slot (prefered first slot) 3. Before generating world, add them to the server and configure 4. Now generate world 5. Once you will connect, disconnect from server 6. Go to C:\Users\<Your username>\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\<Your profile ID, looks like random numbers generated>\Cluster <number, the number of your server counted from top in game, for example Cluster 1>\Master 7. Copy modoverrides.lua and don't change anything in there! 8. Go back to Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether 9. Go to MyDediServer 10. Paste modoverrides.lua both to Master and Caves. That's all. You have now placed the mods manually and configured them. I hope I helped. Best wishes!
  2. There is no line that look like that, however found solition for this. It will be still nice because waiting for validation of instalation can annoy very much. However, thank you once again!
  3. Hello! I have decided to make an dedicated server with mods to play along with my friends. However they are not downloading. How did I make the server: What have I tried: -modoverride.lua - method shown by most of Moderators with creating a world with configured modt then copying it to MyDediServer/Master and /Caves (checked the file and everything is fine in there, ID's are correct and mods names too) -Writing in dedicated_server_mod_setup.lua (however this one seems suspicious, it resets all the time) -Copying and pasting mods to c/steamcmd/steamapps/common/Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server/mods However when I tracked what was happening while server was starting, I noticed something. It said: [0:00:03]: DownloadMods(0) [0:00:04]: Event data unavidable: lavaarena_event_server/lavaarena_achievement_quest_defs I don't know will it help, but I think it will. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you in advane!
  4. DST crashes

    Well, this helped me, DST doesn't crash anymore. Thank you for support!
  5. DST crashes

    Issue still exists, I changed mine OS once again, so DxDiag and clinet_log.txt are attached. DxDiag.txt 2018-08-03_12-57-24.mp4 client_log.txt
  6. DST crashes

    I forgot abotu some things. I will show them in numbers: 1. Game started crashing in year after beggining of mine playing, so mine specs are enough for the game. 2. There's no description of error, so I uploaded a short film too. 3. I made these activities to try make it working: re-install, verify files integrity, install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 and 2017 x64 and x86 (what deleted one error, but i have other ones), instal latest drivers for everything, installed system again. 2018-05-14_22-01-53.mp4
  7. DST crashes

    Don't Starve Together bought on Steam crashes when i click "Host game" or "Mods". DxDiag.txt dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer_255151_crash_2018_2_24T17_54_27C0.mdmp