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  1. I believe the problem was fixed in the most recent update: I have been able to play over 250 cycles without a freeze. Thank you!
  2. Update: I can confirm it's not a hardware problem. Over the weekend I booted into Windows using Boot Camp, and played for over 50 cycles (new and saved) without any problems at all. Here's another video of the problem: the sounds continue playing for about a minute after the dupes stop digging, and then the game freezes. ONIfreeze4_sm.mp4
  3. I was able to record some instances of the sound issues and freezes that I've been having. The pattern is always the same: at some point during gameplay, the sound begins to do strange things- sometimes it repeats the same sounds over and over; sometimes all sound cuts out; sometimes only one sound plays. And after a few seconds of this, the game freezes. Here are some examples: 1. (ONIfreeze1_sm.mp4): In this example, two dupes are side-by-side working on paintings- one is making a blank canvas, the other is painting one. Only the painting sounds are playing. After a few seconds, the game freezes- note that the cursor still moves, but nothing else does. 2. (ONIfreeze2_sm.mp4): In this instance, at the start of a new cycle, the "wakeup" chimes continued to repeat until the game froze. 3. (ONIfreeze3_sm.mp4): Here, the dupes build a blank canvas and a compactor, but the building sound continues to play after both are finished- and does so until the freeze. System: OS X 10.10.5 (14F2511), 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB, 24 GB Memory
  4. Thank you, AlexRou. I know, from your responses in other threads, that you put a lot of thought into your answers, and that you have a lot of patience for what surely must seem to be silly questions. That said, I think you're pushing back a little too hard on this. For me, it is a matter of not being able to play the game since the Tubular update. FPS is not, nor never has been a problem for me- but sudden freezes are. And no, it is not a hardware issue: these problems come up only with ONI. The only response I have from the devs says that they have not been able to reproduce the problem. Personally, I suspect they are trying to reproduce it on a more recent OS, and that may be the reason. But there are doubtless other possibilities, given the variables involved with so many hardware/software combos—which, ultimately, is why I encouraged the dev to look into the possibility of disabling features that older hardware (or OSes) don't have. I agree that it may be too much work for too little benefit, but I prefer to take the word of those who have a vested interest in making that decision.
  5. @01Kate10 Thanks for updating this thread. You're not alone, and I'm sure you speak for a lot of others who don't read the forum. Like yours, my system is older, but still well within the listed requirements. For me, the game was great fun until the Tubular update, which brought all sorts of problems. In fact, some of the symptoms I have are similar, especially the sound stuttering or continuing to play after a freeze- but that may only be a coincidence. Your request is an good one, and I want to encourage the devs to consider it. Maybe these freezes happen to us because the game takes advantage of options that we don't have? It would be great if we could disable them (or even if the game checked beforehand and disabled them for us?). It's more work, I know, but maybe it's already part of the development plan; I just want to note that I'm crossing my fingers that it will happen, so I can play this game again.
  6. OC-256131: The problem continues. I wonder if these freezes are related to sound issues that happen from time to time? Sometimes, sounds continue to play long after the corresponding activity has ended, or some sounds (like alerts and other chimes) will stutter or loop for several seconds or more. Trying to save and quit during these times produces the attached error message, followed immediately by a freeze. And I should point out that ONI is often the only app running at these times, except for Mail or Steam (and sometimes Safari)- so if too many files are really open, it's ONI that's opening them.
  7. I have, they are current. Maybe it's related to my older OS (10.10.5)?
  8. Here's a colony that freezes on its first cycle. The Super Colony.sav ONI log OC-255716.txt
  9. Update (OC-255716): The bad news is that the freeze still happens at random moments (one new game froze within 5 minutes of starting, another ran for 7 cycles before freezing). The good news is that it is much less frequent than before this patch. Previously, I could count on at least one freeze per cycle. Now it can run for several cycles without problems.
  10. It happens with new games and saved games. I've attached a save from a colony I've been trying to play for a while. The Chaotic Spaceprison.sav
  11. Game freezes (spinning wheel appears, "Application not responding" in Activity Monitor), usually within one cycle of starting or loading. This happens at random moments, regardless of dupe activity or job orders.
  12. Update: Same issue with OC-254781
  13. Update: Same issue with OC-254439
  14. Update: Same issue with OC-254302. At one point I tried to save the game, and got a "too many open files" error (see attached image). However, I can confirm that I had nowhere near the limit of files open– only steam, a few pages in Safari, and the mail app. In fact, I was able to save the same game maybe 5 minutes earlier- so if there were too many open files, the game itself must have been opening them?
  15. Update: Same issue with OC-254091