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  1. I may have the answer but I'm still checking if it's possible to mute yourself I will edit this comment when I have the results bye EDIT it failed....
  2. K thanks also yeah sorry for not mentioning ps4
  3. you sure I think you guys do have a voice chat I mean heres a pic to show you for proof i don't have that also I can hear people when they speak of course no discord nothing this is also on ps4 fyi and I'm confused why I can hear people talk to each other and all that but I can't talk to them i wasn't in a party none of that just the game.
  4. This might be just my mic but as far as I know other people are having the same issues. I can talk to people in every other game in DST my mic doesn't wanna work and no one can hear me talk the mic bar thingy doesn't even show on my name even tho its plugged in I tried testing my mic in a voiceclip on ps4 and it worked fine please fix thanks