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  1. As the title says, my recreation room provides no moral bonus while the room description states otherwise. There's no "Room Effects" listed as with the other rooms while hovering over it with the mouse cursor, and no morale bonus provided to the dupes as with the other rooms.
  2. I've noticed that my dupes refuse to go to the cantina any more. When first noticing this behaviour, my dupes just finished red alert and planned on eating, then sleeping. They were just stuck in the door. After loading the save, dupes go on with the regular chores, but as soon as they are supposed to deliver food in the mess hall or eat, they end up standing in the door forever.Beyond.sav
  3. Thank you for the steel info. Regarding the refinery, the polluted water I used was always below 70, the water inside the refinery is cooler than 180, the machine is built to dispose all fluids hotter than 80 °C. So no chance of getting any water inside which would convert to that amount of steam.
  4. I've noticed two unexpected behaviors while playing along. #1 Steel won't show up under world inventory and storage lockers Also insulation which I spawned as solid material cannot be viewed or stored. #2 Refinery outputting hot steam + breaking pipes although liquid is below 70 °C. Just connect the output with the input as seen in the screenshot, and lots of steam will evaporate, although liquids put in were always below 70 °C. Savegame The Prosperous Laboratory.sav
  5. /EDIT: It seems like the hatch is not gone, the bag is just at the dug up tile position. once mined, the bag appears.
  6. As the title suggests, Catalina was supposed to capture some Hatches for my stables. The marked hatches (marked before I had a rancher) were being phazered, but no bag spawned once Catalina was finished. Other hatches which I dig out prior are being captured without issues.
  7. Without reading the whole thread, I like skill leveling and the new job system. You could bind the max skill level of a duplicant to his current job stat, meaning: Regular dupe can level architect from 0-3, lvl1 3-7, lvl2 8-12, lvl3 13-20; no leveling beyond 3 for anyone who's not a professional architect. I'd also like to see the 1-5 pro system with the * selector back in action. It helped massively splitting up the current workload and enforcing a job regime.
  8. Same here, game uses my Nvidia card (also on Macbook Pro). Main branch has no issues. Starting a new game renders the water correctly, my loaded save does not.It's affecting all liquids, not only water. Save file attached. Homestead.sav