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  1. *slides this into thread* Had to do a Victorian theme. I tried to resist and failed. Also what is lace and how do you draw it :')
  2. Skin Trader For Minespatch: I have a headcanon that he also re-wraps all the traded in skins to re gift to other players XD Hope you like it <3
  3. Woo I have officially finished moving in my new place so the first 5 people to reply get a drawing of whatever you wish (DS and DST related) 1. minespatch (done) 2. gallusvarius (75 %) 3. Open 4. Open 5. Open
  4. Thank you very much. I really liked the ancient gateways design so I wanted to incorporate it. That means A lot to me thank you
  5. Wen't a bit crazy with this weeks Draw challenge..
  6. I used a Violet and Grey and blended it with a white colored pencil. Thank you <3
  7. Did a Traditional William Carter while I was without internet a few weeks ago <3
  8. Yeah its a shadow XD I dripped frosting on the edge so just kinda covered it up
  9. Ha ha decided to make a separate post for my other artwork and to kick it off here are some Don't Starve cookies I made for my 24th birthday today
  10. Wow very nice and quick response to a problem. A+ Klei way to show em how its done. Well done!!!