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  1. If you destroy the tile under a wrangled hatch, it dosn't fall. I don't know if that is the same with other critter but i assume it is. The hatch will then un-wrangle itself like normal and fall then.
  2. That's not really a bug. That's the sight i got first tme i went to the surface. Shoudn't there be some kind of restrain ? I mean, looking like that, the whole asteroid can get destroyed if you don't mind waiting too much. Oh and this happend...
  3. Ugly cryer creates vacum

    Ugly cryer create vacum when crying
  4. Eggs hatch in storage ?

    I don't know if it's made to be this way, but eggs hatch in storage when they reach 100% incubation, but sometime it dosn't ? I had about two hours playing with eggs in fridge at 100%, they didn't hatch. I started playing today, first thing that happen after loading the game is all eggs at 100% hatching, be it in the grill or the storage. Now i can't store my eggs more than 20 days. What should be ? Why could i before and i can't now ?
  5. The feeder in my save just can't find Drecko. I tried to capture one, didn't find it, reloaded, destroyed existing feeder, rebuilded them, recaptured one. Nothing. Save will be in this report Factory.sav
  6. Cretter Feeder can't feed Drecko

    Ohhhhh OK nice thanks for that
  7. My duplicants don't change exosuit to get oxygen, so they suffocate all the time. Can't we get priority on exosuit change or an oxygen treshhold ? This started to hapen in the occupational upgrade.
  8. Disapearing Exosuit

    Seems to be fixed since ocupation upgrade, thanks !
  9. Disapearing Exosuit

    Hey there, I'm running a 1000+ day colony but the problem isn't new at all. My colony is basically full of carbon so i made exosuit for my dups to leave in all the time. I Try to always have 8 exosuit ( 2 for each dups) "Try" because sometime my suits just disapear for apparently no reasons. Sometime they drop it on the floor so i can take them back but so far i've lost about 20 of them. My docks are basically a room they need to go to change suit so they can go in from left or the right. I sometime have trouble with them changing suits repeatedly when they don't have much to do from time to time so that may be it. Can't say much more, i really don't know where they can be and i don't think they can break so yeah. Hope to hear from you later.