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  1. 1. The Ice Machine says "A duplicant can work on the machine to convert water into ice". But all a duplicant does is deliver water to it, but the machine does not need a duplicant to operate it actively. Also can we get to have a liquid input port for the ice machine and not have water be delivered to it manually. 2. I am unable to find the 'Insulated Storage'. Where is it available?
  2. The March Roadmap said that the QoL MK-III will be out on April 16. So does that mean that the beta release will be on 26th March, that s today ?
  3. Or maybe before you gotta start tending to the pretty creatures of DupeHaven, you gotta practise some tending on plants. lol
  4. All the Best Klei. You are officially one of the best game devs out there. And seriously !! 3 new biomes and stuff and we still learning new things about the existing ones. So much more to come with DLCs and expansions. Hoping for the magma biome to get a major upheaval and usefulness. Hats off and Keep ONIeing !!!
  5. I have a conductive wire connecting a steam turbine and a 4K transformer. I really don't understand transformers well. But I believe the wire shown in the image below shouldn't be breaking due to overload as it is on the 'power producers' side of a transformer. Maybe someone can explain. Yes, the wire is made of steel and it says broken 'due to circuit overload'. Also, I have the exact same setup at a different spot and it hasn't ever broken.
  6. Crude oil at Printing Pod ??

    Oh Jesus ! Spot on ! I havent printed any slicksters but I did print eggs. Though I have eggs to be sent to the egg cracker, Lazy Ashkan must have delayed the delivery causing one of them buggers to hatch. Thanks man.
  7. Its has been thrice now that I have found crude oil on the floor near the printing pod as shown in the image below. I cant figure out why. Has this happened with any body else ?. The pod has never printed crude oil. The temp in the area is around 25 degrees. Even if dupes carrying crude oil drop it, it should be in a bottle. Pls help.
  8. Oil well giving off Steam

    @JohnFrancis Oh I love your tutorial vids, especially the Steam turbine ice brick design that I have happily copied and use it anywhere i need. If you see the image I posted you will see that the Oil well box design was also copied from one of your videos, unfortunately I missed the video you just shared. I will try the Tempshift plates and try pumping cooler water as soon as I first deal with the kilos of steam hovering in my oil biome which constantly shifts between water and steam. I gotta separate the biome into smaller sections and pump out the steam.
  9. As you can see below, I have setup two Oil wells where I am pumping in water close to 90 degrees.The oil well above is working fine, But the oil well below keeps venting off steam breaking my gas pipes and i cant find out why. I know the water I am sending to it is hot (90 deg) but as long as I know, It does not work like the Metal Refinery which heats up the input liquid. The Oil well 'Eats up' the input liquid and gives off NG and oil. I know there could be a borderline case where if I am putting in water close to 100 degrees, it might be vaporising but my water is 90 degrees. If someone knows about the max temp water an oil well can safely accept, please let me know. Also, the small steam pocket you see on the left side surrounded by abyssalite and dirt says 1100 kg per tile and I dont know how to handle that.
  10. I get around 5 to 10 fps in game. It is very frustrating for me to watch the dupes move in frames. I dont know the issue that may be causing this, because I have seen videos of other people with much higher fps and smoother gameplays. Here is my pc spec (Its an Alienware laptop). Please help me identify the issue behind low fps. Here is a snapshot of the Task Manager while the game is running:
  11. What FPS do you get in game ?

    First of all, I do have a legal copy of ONI as well as my OS. I do know multithread pathfinding was introduced in the latest patch but I had issues nevertheless. I do agree my laptop model does have heating issues as a design fault. My laptop is 1 year old and just 2 months back, I was having heating issues and so I got the whole heating assembly with fans replaced from dell. They had used minimal paste which I asked them to used more heartily this time and it worked well after that. Heating issues were rare but I still didn't use to get the performance I expected from this beast machine. I am an avid gamer and play graphics/cpu intensive games. ONI being a 2D game, I expected to get good performance but NO. Hence I had to make this thread. Now after reading your reply @SharraShimada, I did some googling and found that you were right,my cpu speed was underclocked to 0.78 Ghz even if there was no heating. I guess it was hard coded into design to avoid heating issues. RIP Dell. Anyway, I got to know of this software called 'Throttlestop' which overrides this setting. I was skeptical of using a 3rd party software to override a safety feature but I read in a lot of forums that it does work and its not that I am overcloking my cpu, I am just overriding the underclock feature which is not needed at the moment at least. If I see any heating issues I will revert back to throttling. So, using the software, I removed the underclocking and now my cpu speed jumped from 0.78 Ghz to around 3.4 Ghz as you had mentioned. Then I started ONI. And OH BOY ! My fps is now constantly above 30. Its like playing a new game altogether. The game is so fast now, I had to slow it down using Tab to get a grip LOL. I must admit you have been a Saviour @SharraShimada. ONI has been Reborn for me. And not just that, I got to play my other fav games to try and see the performance improvements while keeping an eye on the core temps. Thanks A LOT again. Edit: @ToiDiaeRaRIsuOy I do have heavy automation going which should be hampering my fps. But as I mentioned here, the issue was different and has been solved.
  12. You can activate a particular Loader based on the amount of buffer eggs hatching to refill the farm. That loader would supply the egg cracker.
  13. Empty to-do list

    I am facing exactly the same issue currently. Dupes going mindless for a mini second and then back to work but thats frustrating to watch and wastes so much time.
  14. Hatches don't fall through open doors anymore. Hatches do fall through open doors if they are already falling. So I tried the auto pez dispenser with a Gantry as it was suggested above. It works like a charm. Also, I have 2 critter sensors in each dispenser queue to detect a specific number and not just >X. So if I set one to 1 and another to 2 with a NOT gate, the doors to that 'cubicle' will close only if there are exactly 2 critters in it. So i am holding exactly 3, 2 and 1 critter progressively as they proceed on the dispenser line . The pneumatic door below the 'drop point' is to close off the room and is set to always open as it does not need any automation. The pneumatic door beside the Gantry is just for ventilation.
  15. Good Lord, I have been recently experiencing the same issue, a dupe that is mining for example would take half second breaks between actions making it feel robotic. As mentioned in an earlier post above, I am also micromanaging the Priorities Tab. But that should not cause this issue. If it is, then there's a problem and Klei should look into it. And suggesting that players who go crazy with the Priority tab do not understand the game well is not justified. That's what the Priority tab is supposed to be used for. If you say the solution is to use 'neutral' state for most things, its just a workaround to an issue, Not a Solution.
  16. In-line packet stacker

    My post was only concerned with this. You mentioned "one and only one tile gap". Whereas it does work with longer tile gaps. And I am not criticising his design. I know Saturnus is a great Contributor and I am grateful for him sharing the design. By the way @Saturnus, is the youtuber you referring to here Brothgar ?
  17. In-line packet stacker

    One tile gap ? In your setup, there are 3 tiles between the sensor and the gas shutoff. The ends of the bridge do count as a gas 'pipe tile'. Only the middle 'pipe tile' of a bridge is considered a 'teleporter tile'.
  18. There is still a way to drop hatches through vertical doors. If you place a vertical pneumatic door right above a vertical mech door and trap a hatch in the pneumatic door, then it will fall through when the mech door opens. And its easy to trap a hatch in the pneumatic door using critter sensor and automation.
  19. Whatever is going on on this thread, is completely bouncing off my head .
  20. Not sure what's going on here?

    The 2 tiles above the airflow tiles are currently occupied by water. You can see them stuck to the sidewalls as airflow tiles are water repellents. Mop them up and you are all good.
  21. Outhouse/Black Hole

    The outhouse bug has been patched. Hats Off Klei !!
  22. One Seed to rule them all

    Excuse me ?
  23. Oil Well too hot

    Haha, Is it that the Oil well also emits a random element everytime it depressurizes and emits NatG. Would be a cool rng feature though. Btw I didnt know that you could heat water to 103 C without it changing phase. In ONI there is always something new to learn everyday.
  24. Oil Well too hot

    Cmon man, Do you think insulated pipes are 100% insulated that you hope for 99 degree water to remain at 99 when the surrounding is much higher. Please have a buffer for every design.
  25. This is not a bug. From what I can deduce, this happens when a deconstruction errand has been initiated but not completed, as in the dupe had to leave the job halfway due to some reason (mostly schedule change).