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  1. 1. The Ice Machine says "A duplicant can work on the machine to convert water into ice". But all a duplicant does is deliver water to it, but the machine does not need a duplicant to operate it actively. Also can we get to have a liquid input port for the ice machine and not have water be delivered to it manually.

    2. I am unable to find the 'Insulated Storage'. Where is it available?

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  2. On 10/20/2018 at 4:38 AM, 0xFADE said:

    I had several instances while digging in an ice area where snow was being constantly dug at 0kg.  Like it had already fallen or something.

    I had the same issue yesterday. I initially thought I had placed a dig order on a Neutronium tile, the dupe was digging continuously to no avail but it was just regular snow. I had to cancel the dig and redig.

  3. 5 hours ago, QuantumPion said:

    Any idea why my refinery contains 10t of 930 °F pH2O? Emptying it/deconstructing it causes a thermonuclear catsplosion.





    I had the same problem in the beginning. But I guess I didnt understand the working of the Refinery back then. I am assuming you have the same issue. The Refinery heats up the coolant and this amount of heating (change in temp of coolant) varies on which metal you are refining. As I remember, iron takes a lot, steel yet more. So if after a coolant is used, and its output temp is above the boiling point of the coolant, phase change happens while in pipes or in refinery internal storage and this creates the "Catsplosion" you see. Its Super-heated Steam and tonnes of it. So, use a cooler coolant that doesnt boil after heating.

    BTW, I know that emptying or deconstructing the Refinery will not help. There are 2 solutions to save your game. Either leave that Refinery as a Memorial and make a new one. Or, go to Debug mode, select 'Destroy' and click on Refinery. This simultaneously deletes the Refinery and its contents into Oblivion. Enjoy !