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  1. So I'll start, The one I remember the most is about my very first death : I spawned, kept going here and there doing this and that ... and then night came, and I heard *A strange monster* making a scary noise, and after that I got killed. Next game, I was determined to find the monster, and so I made my first torch. I let the darkness consume me, and when I heard the scary noise again I QUICKLY brought my torch to find the preposterous monster .... but nothing was there :/ .
  2. Hey man, Good news is, DST is frustrating at first, that's what I liked about the game, but it gets a lot easier and more fun when you can pull your own weight, the process of learning is in itself exciting . Back to the point , I'm in EU as well, here's my discord : Accelerator#9771 . If you want to add me on steam directly, here's my url : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Peddler101/
  3. Hello, If you're new and need someone to teach you basic surviving skills, or you're just tired of playing alone and you're looking for someone to play with, leave a reply, send me a message or add me on discord : Accelerator#9771.