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  1. I updated to play Smith day 3 and the game crashes when I start it. The game had previously worked prior to the Smith day 3 update. Here is the crash log: Problem signature:Problem Event Name: APPCRASHApplication Name: Griftlands.exeApplication Version: Timestamp: 6018794eFault Module Name: Griftlands.exeFault Module Version: Module Timestamp: 6018794eException Code: c0000005Exception Offset: 0000000000074e60OS Version: 6.3.9600. ID: 4105Additional Information 1: 0fadAdditional Information 2: 0fada3968d8b4e7b88c8b1f5d175a829Additional Information 3: 6fd2Additional Information 4: 6fd2d797c1805260c46bbf037c92a008