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  1. The general pathing of shove voles through a wall is horizontally or vertically. This is convenient, because it allows us to create ranches without using refined materials for the corner tiles. However there is a simple trick for the shove vole to get out of the ranch anyway. If he (or she) manages to excrement a new tile diagonally linked to an unrefined tile (see screenshot), he is able to pass diagonally through these tiles and escape. This doesnt necessarily have to be a bug, but it is kind of surprising if every once in a while a tile-dropping shove vole gets loose in your base.
  2. As you can see in my screenshot, i have a battery with sufficient charge, still part of my powergrid loses charge every once in a while. The circuit is sitting at /1920W, so it is not overcharging the wires. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  3. I didnt click any jetpacker yet, but shouldnt his pathing be similar to those of a puft?
  4. Thanks for the swift reply. Still waiting for my gas layers working properly again though.;)
  5. Is this the fix for the random gas deletion?
  6. As seen in the screenshot the liquid reservoir displays 1 bar when being completely empty. This is inconsistent with other storages such as storage compactors or the metal refinery, which all display no bars when they are empty.
  7. two issues with this geyser: 1: it does not have a 4 tile neutronium base 2: it is partially buried, still active though
  8. Maybe they will introduce space junk, so that every consecutive rocket has a chance of colliding with previously launched satellites, eventually resulting in the dupes being stuck on their asteroid again.
  9. I have deconstructed a manned command capsule (of an unfinished rocket) with an exosuit-wearing dupe inside. After deconstruction, he was no longer wearing his exosuit. I have done the same (deconstructing) with the same dupe after his previous completed mission and he put on his exosuit afterwards. The attached save-game with ren already sitting in the command capsule. prelaunch Cycle 814.sav
  10. I attached the savegames, one pre-launch and another one post-launch. After checking the starmap once more, i can now see that ren is listed as a passenger for that flight. After deconstructing the command capsule, ren reappears. But i dont see a proper way to have him leave his command capsule other than that.
  11. I launched my first rocket and upon return, my astronaut disappeared. He shortly exited the command module, then reentered it for some reason (maybe because the gantry was broken). The command module says it is manned. So does the starmap. But my dupe count is decremented and the command module does not show an assignment for that dupe. I also cannot get my dupe to leave the module anymore. prelaunch.sav prelaunch Cycle 811.sav
  12. Good catch. But my best guess is that it's a copy-paste error. It might be one of the space-techs that will be released in the october updates.
  13. Isn't that fixed already? It just says egg-laying, but isnt it the same issue?
  14. Mistook the brush size for mass and entered a very large value (500000). After pressing enter, the game was not reacting anymore.
  15. But, but, but... my base... Now i gotta sit through a few hundred cycles for my fish farm to push out enough eggshells to cover another 20 tiles of space biome. Could you at least scale it to have like 50% transparency? That way old builds would not be completely obsolete and it would still be a clear indication that stacking panels isnt the way to go. It would also allow a smoother transition out of existing builds.
  16. They are higher tech than High-Pressure vents. Which is one of the reasons we are having this discussion. Researching them when they are already obsoleted doesnt make much sense (yeah, yeah, i know i can use them as a buffer).
  17. Exactly. And you did not even mention the exo suit itself! It carries more than a cycles worth of dupe oxygen in it. A dupe breathes 100g/s (without any traits). So per cycles that is another 60kg. And it doesnt even require a tile!
  18. We usually try to report bugs in the Bug Tracker. The developers might not always be able to scan every forum post for potential bug reports.
  19. I loaded my savegame after the recent patch (283532). And my gas reservoirs where flying in the sky.