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  1. 10 hours ago, SharraShimada said:

    1. i dont think you´re stupid.

    2. would you please double check, if there is really no connection between white input and orange filter output with a conveyor?

    The display of conveyors is sometimes a bit shady. If there´s a connection, it could block the whole system, with just one item. And then the "it dropped a diamond" would make sense.

    There are connections, because there was conveyor movement before, there was conveyor movement after rebuilding the "white" conveyor piece (only a few tiles, then it got stuck again) and there was conveyor movement after reload.

    Also the diamonds were not filtered for, so they should have moved out of the green connector anyway.

  2. 24 minutes ago, Ipsquiggle said:

    Thanks for the additional info. In light of that, I tried exploring some other possibilities and am still coming up empty-handed. If you come up with any more saves to try and reproduce this, I'd definitely appreciate it. Thanks for all your effort!

    Yup, i was just about to prepare the save games.


    1209 is the autosave directly after the launch. No bug there

    1210 is the day after. Bug is there.


    Please also leave me a @-mark when you post here. Your bug tracker is a bit hard to keep track of, when you are just an ordinary user. Maybe you should also extend the notification functions for it at some point (e.g. notify creator when a bug is fixed, subscribe as watcher, etc.).

  3. 9 hours ago, Ipsquiggle said:


    Well, the additional debugging I added has no results so I'd just like to double check: Was this rocket whole and complete on the ground, before launching, on last Thursday since the 298494 hotfix? Unfortunately, the debugging only works if the rocket was complete at that point in time.

    If that was the case, then I must look deeper...

    I can guarantee that the rocket was not launched before thursday because i was not at home at that time and before that i couldnt even load my savegame ;).

    Upon my return on friday, I simply checked the astronaut assignment fixes to regain my precious astroneer. From then I think i had the rocket return once (maybe not) and then launched once more for the current launch. So all debugging should have been active.

    I did not play much, because i am still getting alot of crashes out of the blue. So, some of the gameplay might have happened on friday, saturday, sunday and the actual error occured on monday. Also most of my base is still in the state it was before the QoL update.


    I could also reload an older savegame, where the bug isnt present yet. But i would prefer getting this issue out of the game once and for all.

    When i arrive back from work later today, i can provide you with more savegames to give you some kind of timeline of the events that lead up to the issue.

  4. Another update: the rocket info display shows that my rocket is actually loaded with that much fuel and oxylite (sometimes the tank is still full after landing and the rocket is still being delivered oxylite while it is underway (when the gantry is out)).

    Interestingly enough i have reached a point where more oxylite actually seems to reduce the distance my rocket can travel. Even though i was able to easily reach the 30k area before.




  5. Unfortunately clearing the regolith didnt change the outcome of my trip. Only the command module returned and the research station was already sitting in the launching bay. Petrol Engine, Cargo, Fuel Tank, Oxygen Tank and Thruster gone for good.:(

    Actually, i dont even get an entombment message for my (enroute) rocket engine anymore when the pad is full of regolith tiles.

  6. 8 hours ago, Christophlette said:

    @blash365 :

    Did you load your game while your rocket was away in space ? Some people report a lot of bugs when you do so.

    It seems that the place where your engine was is filled with regolith. Did you try to mine it before your rocket came back ? I've read somewhere that it can cause bugs too.

    Thanks for the hints. There is a good chance that i had to reload while my rocket was on the way. It takes 9 cycles and my game crashes alot. :/

    So far i didnt have any problems with the regolith on the landing pad (it usually gets burned by the thrusters), but maybe it created some oddities this time. I'll check out if clearing the regolith fixes my issue. Given that the research module is already/still in the rocket bay (without any of the other rocket components) in all savegames attached above, i think the rocket broke alot earlier though.:(