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  1. pipes were displayed fine after a reload. after a bit of playing the layers were messed up again.
  2. Since the last [Game Update] - 266340 the pipes are displayed in front of my buildings: Probably an instance of
  3. I hate to say it. But invisible dupes are back in this build.:/ How is this supposed to work? I put my dreckos into a stable with mealwood now, but the chance of an egg stays @ 2%. same for dreckos in my other stable with peppernuts. Also the info-text for hydrogen might not have been updated yet. The current drecko info tells me to go for a chlorine atmosphere. Or is the atmosphere change only for glossy dreckos?
  4. Am i the only one who doesnt know what an algae habitat is?
  5. Would it be worth retesting borg cube? Maybe it got a ninjafix.
  6. As said on the stream, the debug mode was never intended to be used by players. It is a development mode that does not aim at being bug free or user friendly. The new sandbox mode is supposed to fill exactly this gap. A mode, supported by klei, which provides all the features that people need to play around with the various ONI systems. Or - as one of the devs put it: photoshop for ONI.
  7. There is one for bleachstone. So unless klei plans on keeping phosphorite as the only non-renewable resource, there will be a way to generate it eventually. In any case 0,1kg/cycle per shinebug seems sustainable for the near future. Not sure about peppernut fertilization though.
  8. I suppose you are talking about the next hotfix after 264838. Cause it is not fixed in 264838 yet.
  9. The tooltip of tiles, which usually displays the element of the given tile (e.g. oxygen, sandstone) is no longer being displayed. Might be an intentional change. seems rather strange though.
  10. Ah right, the new creatures. Could have answered that one myself, i guess.
  11. @Ipsquiggle: Thanks a lot for the update. I guess you are already familiar with my question: Do we need to create a new game to experience all changes or can we continue an old asteroid from MK I? Also note that there is a typo in your OP. You wrote MK I instead of MK II.
  12. removed side-effect about not leaving chamber. the dupe had an injury, which was still being treated.
  13. issues a move command to my dupe shortly before/after he was incapacitated. After the rescue, he resumed that move bug, even though he was dragged across the entire map by a rescue dupe. the order queue might have to be cleared once the dupe is put into the med-bay for recovery/picked up by another dupe/gets incapacitated. A move command for a dupe is usually a short term action, which should be cancelled by a time consuming action such as incapacitation. Additionally - and maybe related to the move command - the dupe did _not_ leave the pharma chamber after recovery.
  14. Starving shine bug was not listed in my "starving critters" alert. context: shine bug was in a ranch with 4-5 hatches. food station was configured with ingenious rock. pufts/slickers in different farms were constantly producing starving alerts. the shine bug alert never popped up.
  15. I have played a few more cycles now (about 60 more) and the NG cloud has grown, without me pumping any NG to the geyser. There seems to be a bug with the geyser system somewhere.
  16. The value of next dormancy/activity of my geysers does not refresh while i keep the info box open. It also does _not_ refresh when i close it with rightclick and reopen it again. I have to make another selection and then reselect the geyser to see the up-to-date value.
  17. @Ipsquiggle: Same savefile as in update: activityimminent.sav here is another savegame, which is closer to the geysers activity. The (steam) geyser is to the north of my base. the NG geyser is to the east. However the effect seems to be not that closely linked to the geysers activity. I watched a few erruptions and no NG appeared. I also checked some other savegames (cycle 139 was the closest) and the NG cloud was present in that savegame already, while the NG-geyser (should it be connected to the issue) was still in dormancy. Seems to be a rare glitch.
  18. Since the last hotfix my Cool Steam Vent (why is it called cool btw? 100°C doesnt seem cool to me) is emitting Steam and Natural Gas when active. Before the last hot fix there was no NG near the geyser. On the other side of my base there is a NG geyser, which just went out of its dormancy. I also only have one flatulent dupe, so i doubt that is the source of the gas either.
  19. He was too sick to notice at the time. But i corrected it to ensure he wont catch up on me once he is back on his feet.
  20. I am happy to confirm that this bug is now fixed. Thanks alot.
  21. Thanks a ton! Ari is finally happy to go on with his its life again. And i can also loosen the chain with which i have cuffed Nails - my dedicated doctor - to the latrine in the sick bay. They both send their sincere gratitude.
  22. Ok, i have tinkered around a bit and managed to cure ari within 28 seconds. Afterwards his tooltip reads: "Received medical care Duration remaining: 1.8 cycles" Ari did not die in the next 2 seconds, so the death timer does not continue progressing in the background. HOWEVER not a full cycle later the same thing happened again! Ari is fatally ill again. And now his remaining lifetime is 2 seconds. I dont think i can repeat the healing procedure within 2 seconds. Please fix this issue. It is rather untransparent when my patients are healed for good and when they are terminally ill.