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  1. This bug is still in effect. Provided it is not intended behaviour. I have attached a savegame. At the top of my base there are 9 flowerpots with wheeze worts. The right-most one is instantly destroyed when i reload the game. The problem occurs once the temperature of the ww surpasses 190°C. I was able to play with it in stale state without any problems (temperature in my latest savegame was 240°C). So it does not happen without loading the game. cleanupspace.sav
  2. Drywall is either obstructing the detection field of meteor sensors or counted as heavy machinery.
  3. Sorry, @Cheerio, no like for this patch. You guys broke my savegame. blackhole eats my game as soon as i load it. :*(
  4. after locking in an electrical engineer, he started constructing. Is this behaviour documented somewhere? Cause i didnt catch it.
  5. I am waiting for quite a few cycles for my steam generator to be build. Out of desperation i have locked in one of my dupes (who is senior architect in training) with enough construction material within the same room. He delivers the material and then idles around. I have cancelled and restarted the construction several times and the priority is set to 9, nothing seems to help. steamgennotbuilt.sav
  6. I don't mind asking, since i always get an answer. But adding it to the OP would work for everybody having the same question.
  7. @Ipsquiggle: I dont see any world-generator related changes, so can you confirm that we do not need to start a new game to experience all changes shipping with this patch? Or have there been some underlying changes such as geyser distribution, ruin creation etc?
  8. @Ipsquiggle: is this build identical with the latest preview build (in terms of fixes) or is there a delta patchlog, that you can provide? I am asking because the entry seems rather new to me.
  9. The wallpaper is a background building that you are meant to use in the new space biome. normally space tiles will consume liquids and gases (that's what i heard, i havent been there yet), which prevents some designs from working (no cooling). With those wallpapers you can change your rooms to act like normal areas on the comet. Originally they were called "wall" which i confused me, because there are at least two ways to look at a wall (from the front and from the side).
  10. Thanks a ton. But i really didn't expect you to follow up on my little comment. Kudos for that!
  11. Assuming they are running at full capacity 24/7, which they are not. The liquid pump will be idle for most of the time and the gas pump will process around 60g/s of it's 500g/s capacity. Same goes for the gas filter, i suppose. So yeah, if you are running ten-ish NG-plants, you will have to reserve one of them for the infrastructure. But in all other cases, it is just 10%.
  12. @Kabrute: is this before/after or 4 geysers after the last patch?
  13. There was a bug leading to duplicants having incorrect starting stats. It was fixed in one of the recent hotfixes. Your description seems like an instance of this retroactive fix. In other words: the actual bug is the 16 resp. 33, which is already fixed.
  14. What you describe is working like that by design. (light gas moving up and left, gases taking a long while to balance out). The idea behind it is (most likely) to have easy transition rules for every gas combination by only looking at one cell and its immediate neighbours. The less cells, you need to look at, the better the performance. The movements are also not instant, because ONI is tile-based and tick-based. So every gas movement you see is just another step towards a stable state (light in upper left, heavy in lower right). What happened in your scenario: 1) oxygen entered through mesh tiles. 2) oxygen is checked to neighbouring fields (simplified) 2.1) if neightbours are oxygen, stay where you are 2.2) if neighbours hydrogen, move down/right 3) rince repeat Likewise hydrogen will move up and left if meeting oxygen. By this logic you will quickly end up with your diagonal gas distribution. So this does not seem like a bug to report, but a concept to discuss. You are surely not the only one, who would prefer a gravity-esque concept.
  15. Can somebody tell me what purpose steel is currently having? I was kind of hoping for it to be a new material for pumps with increased overheat temperature, but so far it seems to be usable for floortiles and whatnot, but not pumps. And the overheat temperature increase is not exactly an improvement either.
  16. I have observed several times now that wild bristle blossom plants do no longer provide bristle berries upon harvest. This might be related to them changing to the "growth halted" mode with unfortunate timing.
  17. Simple solution: asteroid/radiation/laser/worf destroys you as soon as you climb high enough.
  18. Why so pessimistic? The task has been set and needs to be carried out. At the end of the day, you are an expert.
  19. Fish feeder gets pressure damge with not placed in water. Also dupes that are already repairing the fish feeder will not stop to do so, even when autorepair is disabled. This results in them being stuck in an endless repair task because the fish feeder will take damage while being repaired at a similar speed. They also resume the task after being moved to a different (nearby) position. They also do not take the deconstruction task over the repair task and a second dupe can deconstruct the fish feeder while it is still being repaired by the other dupe.
  20. I am in cycle ~200 and i still havent gotten any plastic dreckos (been farming 5 dreckos in my stable for at least 100 cycles now). Prior to the drecko change that is. Its nice that the mealwood is supposed to increase my odds now, but how many cycles does it take for the increase to kick in? Are we talking 1-2 cycles, 10 cycles? 50?
  21. Does the interaction of dreckos and mealwood work for anybody? My plastic drecko chance stays at a constant 2%.
  22. This is not a gameplay bug. If you read the recent changelog, you will learn that algae terrariums (called habitats in the changelog) are now producing polluted water when converting water and carbon dioxid into oxygen (before the water was simply lost). The downside is that the polluted water needs to be manually emptied by a dupe, which is what you are seeing in your first screenshot. Maybe its the animation that is confusing you.
  23. Looks better in yellow, if you ask me.