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  1. Thanks. Still hoping for a buff for reservoirs though.
  2. My telescope is full of oxygen, yet my dupe does not take off his exosuit when entering. However he is still able to breath the telescopes oxygen through his glass bowl.
  3. There are some quirks with gas reservoirs. When build as one, they require 21 tiles 3 of which are completely free (the right most). When building two reservoirs next to each other, the left reservoir does not use those 3 tiles. Additionally it is possible to sneak in 3 more tile in at the left of the building. And finally: their storage capacity is underwhelming. This also applies to the liquid reservoir.
  4. You might want to upload a savegame. My F-Synth works fine from what i can see, so it might be related to your particular savegame (or mine)
  5. @JLK: reopen When building my telescope, it was storing up to 10kg o2. But after I destroyed and rebuilt it, it once again is able to store more than 10kg (more than 100kg at the moment). savegame attached. telescope reservoir.sav
  6. It's a very small amount. Could it be that you simply forgot a chunk of slime or puddle of polluted water in there?
  7. This might be the same issue as described in The thread is about storage compactors though, which got quickly fixed in one of the following hotfixes (if i am not mistaken). It might be that klei forgot to tend to the fridges as well. The problem is most likely that small amounts of your food are decaying thus creating delivery errands for that small amounts. Once the delivery is made, new food as decayed. The solution until a hotfix arrives would be to place your fridges in a room of sterile gas (chlorine or co2 (maybe hydrogen as well)).
  8. @Brook: Thanks for the quick feedback. I would be fine, if this is just misinformation on my side. But just to clarify: I build this setup in EU. It was working back then. Is it intended that the interaction tile of the Conveyor Receptacle was moved in one of the last patches After some reflection, I retract my bugreport. My dupes must have been using "wild" slime all along. Sorry for the false positive.
  9. My scanners, which previous to the RU upgrade were at ~14% are now down to 0%. I thought it might have been the solar panels being categorized as heavy machinery, but even my right-most scanner has 0% quality. Luckily the warning period does still seem to be the 30s i had before, so it might just be the tooltip. scannerdumbre.sav
  10. After the update my sweeper is no longer able to deliver slime to the farm tiles. goodoldfood.sav
  11. I just loaded my savegame from the expression update (cosmic actually) and my NG generators started to emit small amounts of mercury during their first run. goodoldfood.sav
  12. Actually i am more interested in incorporating the gas storages into my current base. Fossils are only for lime, right?
  13. What part would i be missing then? Apart from ruins. Contents from the preview post: Modular rocket parts which can be assembled in a variety of ways building -> available A new UI screen for interacting with your fleet of rockets and their missions ui -> available New buildings to support rocket-related research and development building -> available A new critter and plant which can be brought back from space brought by rocket -> available Several new Codex entries to unlock over multiple playthroughs ui -> available New elements which affect Steel and Natural Gas production are those new tiles in biomes or sour gas which gets created by cooking oil? can those elements be retrieved by rockets? Buildings for gas bottling and emptying building -> available
  14. Are we able to sustain gassy moos without an chlorine vent? Can rockets bring back gases? Those have been around for a while already. Might be a dropped feature or a delayed one.
  15. @Cheerio: Can you answer on whether all contents of the Rocketry Update are available in a EU savegame? Or do we need to start a new colony?
  16. Modular means: "Hey we got this great system now that lets you travel to other planets. Here is what we came up with and what we think is a good basis for it (e.g. travel to planets, deliver stuff, bring back stuff). Now we would be interested to hear what other parts you would find suitable to enrich the system." I am pretty sure klei will not turn a deaf ear to your suggestions, if you bring any. But simply saying "it's dull". Without even explaining what you are missing, is not exactly top quality feedback. I am not. I am pulling the "you should have had plenty opportunity to witness good updates"-card. I'd even suspect that he has seen more updates even before joining the forum, but i wanted to draw a lower bound of what should be the baseline of his experience with oni updates.
  17. It's a modular rocket system. What is there not to understand that it will include more than 2 elements?
  18. If you look at the ranching update, you will note that MK II in the title. It was the second part of a bigger update and naturally the developers had a pretty good idea of where it was heading already. Of course there was no big course-change necessary, because they had received sufficient feedback during the first mark already. Still they reworked the lifecycle several times and it is not a small tweak, because it made the difference between a stable stable and an unstable one. So a thriving or a starving colony. Changing the color of an ore tile is a small tweak. Changing the oxygen output from electrolizer from 888g/s to 880g/s is a small tweak. Reworking the lifecycle of every creature in the game has huge impact. Same goes for the cosmic update. Surely it was on Klei's roadmap for quite a while already. It is not rocket-science (pun intended) to figure out what things could happen up there. Straight-forward update. Still big tweaks were necessary to keep the asteroid stable on the top-end. The same applies for the expressive update. You have to understand how the agile lifecycle is. Klei will be working for ~4 weeks on an update, they then release the preview, we have the opportunity to provide feedback and they will try to consider them during those 2 weeks. Then the next update-cycle starts. In some cases certain things might be postponed/delayed during those first 4 weeks and if possible they might ship in the remaining 2 weeks (e.g. expresso machine). In other cases stuff might be easily added and therefore quickly included during the 2 week period. However the core-part of the update should always be ready when the preview is released. Bigger hotfix-updates would either indicate a course-change based on feedback or a thight-time schedule (optimistic planning). So lacking those updates actually indicates good planning and good reception of what the playerbase wants.
  19. Ranching Update: numerous changes to how the critter lifecycle works, most prominently eggs (from only tame critter reproduce to every creature dies and lies eggs). Cosmic Update: Meteor changes (rate, content). Expressive Update: Several downtime devices being added (music bot, coffee machine), numerous changes to the QoL/morale system Rocketry Update: It's literally been out for 4 hours. Let's just see what the update includes before we can complain, alright? All just small tweaks, right? I'd be delighted to see your first piece of software. You seem to have a real grasp of the agile ways.
  20. Well, you joined in april. So i guess you only got wind of the Ranching MK II Update, Cosmic Update, Expressive Update and Rocketry Update. I hate to say it, but i think you are pretty lonely with your opinion that those updates did not significantly expand the features of the game.
  21. @JarrettM: Can you please also tell us whether all the contents of this update (bar the "no-sweat" mode) are available in our existing savegame from the expression update? Or are there new arrivals for which we need to start a new colony? Did you not send the memo to Jarrett?