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  1. Yep. But it would be very old. Like 800 cycles. @Ipsquiggle: My manonthemoon savegame is the latest savegame i have from before abe entered the cursed rocket.
  2. Load savegame, crash game. 60%roof.sav powerpuft Cycle 1201.sav Spacestation.sav manonthemoon.sav
  3. @Ipsquiggle: I am sad to report that my savegame still crashes on load. Is this something that i can expect a fix for?
  4. Nope. no mods. Just my 1200 cycle savegame. *sniff* And it's reproducable when loading again.
  5. Hm. Maybe i was too premature with my comment. Got first crash when loading my savegame and second crash when trying to click the crash-report screen (and the crash report screen has a huge delay).:(
  6. Apparently my dupes dont care about the set limit of my oxylite tank and keep on delivering oxylite until the maximum capacity has been reached.
  7. Another update: the rocket info display shows that my rocket is actually loaded with that much fuel and oxylite (sometimes the tank is still full after landing and the rocket is still being delivered oxylite while it is underway (when the gantry is out)). Interestingly enough i have reached a point where more oxylite actually seems to reduce the distance my rocket can travel. Even though i was able to easily reach the 30k area before.
  8. Finally a bug that actually helped me do stuff. My oxygen tank was limited to ~820 kg oxylite. When i clicked the tank, the bug i reported a week ago happened ( ) However the tank did not drop the expected ~600 kg of oxylite, but 2389 kg instead! This is not the lifetime cargo of the oxygen tank, so there seems to be alot more wrong than just "drop everything you ever collected". Thanks for quadrupling my oxylite reserves. Too bad that it will vent into space.:( The same happened to my fuel tank. Limit: 690kg, Drops: 900kg I also noticed that the capacity meters on the tanks do not get properly initialized after loading the game.
  9. Unfortunately clearing the regolith didnt change the outcome of my trip. Only the command module returned and the research station was already sitting in the launching bay. Petrol Engine, Cargo, Fuel Tank, Oxygen Tank and Thruster gone for good.:( Actually, i dont even get an entombment message for my (enroute) rocket engine anymore when the pad is full of regolith tiles.
  10. Thanks for the hints. There is a good chance that i had to reload while my rocket was on the way. It takes 9 cycles and my game crashes alot. :/ So far i didnt have any problems with the regolith on the landing pad (it usually gets burned by the thrusters), but maybe it created some oddities this time. I'll check out if clearing the regolith fixes my issue. Given that the research module is already/still in the rocket bay (without any of the other rocket components) in all savegames attached above, i think the rocket broke alot earlier though.:(
  11. I would really appreciate a timely fix for this, because my rocket seems to be completely broken now.:/
  12. I found a neat new bug. I had to reload after a crash (rocket was 0.5 cycles away from returning) and noticed that my research module was already back in the hangar. When the rocket finally was due to return, only the command module made it back, the rest seems to be gone for good. heydudewhereismyrocket.sav oilleak Cycle 876.sav oilleak Cycle 877.sav
  13. Now i finally have some recipes, after retrieving isorin as well. The sandstone to dirt part is still missing though.
  14. I have the same problem. i already have nobium and fullerene, still not a single recipe in the molecular forge. I even rebuilt it already.
  15. added savegame and proper reproduction steps. i think the issue is that under certain conditions the slider of the rocket tanks gets reset (even though the value doesnt change). This leads to the current tank content to be completely emptied. It should only drop the difference between the current and the maximum content imho.
  16. I am running a petroleum engine rocket with an oxylite tank and a petroleum tank. Every now and then the tanks just magically drop their cargo, which is especially bothersome in the case of oxylite. fuckfueltank.sav
  17. dupes are currently still running transport errands to oxylite tanks, even when those tanks are already on their way to a different asteroid.
  18. I have sent a total of 13 rockets to space. Each with a research module. So my expected return of data discs would be 13x (10+50) = 780 However my research points do only accumulate up to 379.
  19. I am currently unable to store rare materials in my storage locker. Is this intended?
  20. @Brook: I tried multiple ways back then and didnt get it to work. After playing a few dozens of cycles (and some reloads), the recharge ended up in the vascillator someway. Even without removing it from the storage locker.
  21. My colony recently got into possession of a neural vascillator recharge. However my dupes do not deliver it to any of the vascillators. Even when i lock them into the same room as the device and the recharge item. There is also no prioritization of the supply task. vascilator.sav
  22. Command module contains an exo-suit and a dupe. The dupe wears an (second) exosuit when entering the rocket. Normally the dupe should exit via gantry wearing his exo-suit, while the first exo-suit stays in the rocket. However, if the gantry is retracted (and broken) when the rocket lands, the dupe drops out of the rocket without his suit. The first suit is still in the command module and can be retrieved by deconstructing it. It might be beneficial to clean up the exosuit-dupe-rocket interaction in the future, so that we do not load 2 exosuits into a rocket.
  23. The general pathing of shove voles through a wall is horizontally or vertically. This is convenient, because it allows us to create ranches without using refined materials for the corner tiles. However there is a simple trick for the shove vole to get out of the ranch anyway. If he (or she) manages to excrement a new tile diagonally linked to an unrefined tile (see screenshot), he is able to pass diagonally through these tiles and escape. This doesnt necessarily have to be a bug, but it is kind of surprising if every once in a while a tile-dropping shove vole gets loose in your base.
  24. As you can see in my screenshot, i have a battery with sufficient charge, still part of my powergrid loses charge every once in a while. The circuit is sitting at /1920W, so it is not overcharging the wires. Any assistance would be appreciated.