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  1. freshly updated to preview branch. clicked "colony summaries" in the main menu out of curiosity. crash to desktop
  2. This might be a bit late, but my astronaut, who was en-route in my pre-QoL3 savegame, came back with 0 skill points. poorabe.sav runningrunning Cycle 1642.sav
  3. Teaser confirms: vacuum cleaners (unlocks with janitor skill) in final release version.
  4. I take it that this refers to flatulent dupes. But what about po2 from slimelung and pWater from bathroom breaks (which they are not taking while in atmo-suits)? Is the "emissions" in quotes because you dont want to say "farts" or because you are using it as a wildcard for different types of emitted elements? nvm answer is in the next line, i guess.;)
  5. Doctors!!! Is this update compatible with old saves or should we create a new base? e.g. what would happen to pre-qol3 pharma chambers?
  6. @Ipsquiggle: Just to clarify and to prepare our emotion curves. Does this mean that the next update will most likely be QoL Mk III?
  7. I have a similar issue, but my storage bin is empty: Save file is attached. buggedCo2.sav
  8. How would i do that? Everybody knows laptops work with magic and do not have any wires. Duh! You are 2 days late, mate.
  9. This is what happens when your cable isnt correctly plugged in. Wiggle it.
  10. @Ipsquiggle: Would it be possible to include a storage category for the remaining solid gases in this update? (actually it should be consumable ores, same as other gases). I'd imagine the fix could be as simple as adding the elements to a configuration list. Bug links:
  11. It was announced ahead of time that we shouldnt expect content. So that's fine with me. But a bit of fine tuning towards rocket missions would be great. You can always simply disable the research task for dupes that you do not wish to gain more research points. I dont see the problem. If you dont disable the task, it was a 50/50 chance before of which dupe would perform the task. Now it is "most efficient wins", which is far more favorable in most scenarios.
  12. I like the new update, but for some reason i am not compelled to continue my game, because the rocket missions (which is essentially what i am waiting for all the time) are so time-consuming and repetitive. Not sure how to improve the situation, but starting the game now would just mean to sit through 1-2 rocket missions (~10-20+ cycles). And those are not even very remote destinations.
  13. I think this might have also been part of the hotfix:
  14. @Ipsquiggle: Oxygen tanks seem to be fixed, but this is still happening to the petroleum tank.
  15. There are no storage categories for the solid states of oxygen and carbon monoxide at the moment. Other elements might also be affected. There is a storage category for methane though, so some gases seem to have been covered already.
  16. Best developer ever! Will i need to revert back to 1209 or will my latest savegame be fixed?
  17. Yup, i was just about to prepare the save games. 1209 is the autosave directly after the launch. No bug there 1210 is the day after. Bug is there. Please also leave me a @-mark when you post here. Your bug tracker is a bit hard to keep track of, when you are just an ordinary user. Maybe you should also extend the notification functions for it at some point (e.g. notify creator when a bug is fixed, subscribe as watcher, etc.).
  18. I can guarantee that the rocket was not launched before thursday because i was not at home at that time and before that i couldnt even load my savegame ;). Upon my return on friday, I simply checked the astronaut assignment fixes to regain my precious astroneer. From then I think i had the rocket return once (maybe not) and then launched once more for the current launch. So all debugging should have been active. I did not play much, because i am still getting alot of crashes out of the blue. So, some of the gameplay might have happened on friday, saturday, sunday and the actual error occured on monday. Also most of my base is still in the state it was before the QoL update. I could also reload an older savegame, where the bug isnt present yet. But i would prefer getting this issue out of the game once and for all. When i arrive back from work later today, i can provide you with more savegames to give you some kind of timeline of the events that lead up to the issue.
  19. Yup, it's me and my rocket again. I loaded my autosave and the research module is already back in the silo, while the rest of the rocket is still on the way. It's not exactly "disappearing", but who knows how much of the rest comes back. 60%roof Cycle 1215.sav 60%roof Cycle 1209.sav 60%roof Cycle 1210.sav
  20. Just out of curiousity. How do you recycle exosuits? Melt them?