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  1. You can buy the soundtrack or any of the other awesome klei games. I recommend mark of the ninja and dont starve.
  2. Imagine you have a confined space with for example 2 tiles and 2 types of gases. Then you open a door and let a third type of gas enter the door tiles. If you close the door and the other side of the door is also closed (imagine a second door), then there is no tile to move the third gas to, since you only have 2 tiles and 3 gases. As a result of it the third gas would be deleted (i think). Maybe burying the gas under the door would be a solution for this problem. Compressing gas works similar, but ofc with only 1 or 2 gases. And instead of doors you can also use liquids or other methods.
  3. More streams. Just give us more streams. And maybe a small update with a new desease. When one dupe gets it, the entire colony has to go into lock-down and noone is allowed to leave their bedroom for 100 cycles.
  4. I'd call it an artefact. It is simply an effect that occurs within the rules of the ONI system. The situation has to be very special for the effect to occur, but there is also not an easy fix for it. Similar to the Moiré-Effect or Aliasing-Effect. It is an artefact that occurs because of the rules and restrictions of the system.
  5. Well, it is wrong. So, why not put op back into reality. It is neither a "basic feature" nor a feature for "most games" on steam. That is a fact. He can surely ask for the feature, but the way he posted his _first post_ on this otherwise constructive forum was pretty unconstructive.;)
  6. Alright, i see that i should have written 10 instead of 5. My point still stands. It is just "a few", not "most".
  7. So that's 2 games. And i am quite certain that you would have troubles making it up to 5. What the OP said was that it is a "basic feature most games of steam provide". That is clearly not the case, even if some dev studios chose to keep their old betas accessable, which would still not have helped the OP, since he is playing on the trunk.
  8. Yeah, damn those devs shipping us free updates with new content and performance improvements. I think it's a clear case for geneva. Before your head explodes: Wait for your mods to be updated to the latest version. And in case you actually want to help the devs out, list the mods you are using and attach a save game. They are reading the forum and there might be an easy fix. But then again,
  9. Did i miss something or should this be the conveyor filter? Oh, damn. This might screw me up alot. I have still alot of my materials stored in single cells.:/ Does it cap by material or in total? Just as some kind of feedback. My save-game sizes are: 19.10.2019 - 12.887 kB 20.02.2020 - 13.259 kB 21.02.2020 - 13.583 kB ... 25.02.2020 - 15.114 kB 25.02.2020 - 14.191 kB 26.02.2020 - 14.496 kB 27.02.2020 - 13.775 kB (resaved the old file) So the file-size still seems to go down by almost 1 MB in both of the recent file-size patches.:D
  10. Thanks for all the recent performance updates. They have already improved my game quite a bit. Still alot of delay between dupes picking up tasks. But it is already alot more playable.:D
  11. There are connections, because there was conveyor movement before, there was conveyor movement after rebuilding the "white" conveyor piece (only a few tiles, then it got stuck again) and there was conveyor movement after reload. Also the diamonds were not filtered for, so they should have moved out of the green connector anyway.
  12. after reloading the savegame, a diamond dropped from the position (not sure if it was the first element on the conveyor rail or the one moving into the empty spot. In any case, it shouldnt have dropped down. Added another savegame. buggedconveyor.sav
  13. I have set-up a conveyor filter row at the top part of the map. (see attached savegame) For some reason the correctly-connected conveyor stops moving packages into the first filter after a few packages. As you can see in the tooltip, the conveyor part is empty and stays empty. autostoreheat Cycle 1294.sav
  14. I agree with your approach, i concur with your findings. But making 2 measurements is hardly empirical. Of course the task to perform all the measurements shouldnt be on your shoulders alone (you provided the first step by revealing your methods and hopefully other users with different hardware and colonies will follow), but with just one colony, one computer and 2 measurements (1 day in the colony, if i understood correctly), it is still very prone to artefacts. Especially the finding "there are not many spikes".
  15. In my latest savegame one of my dupe died directly after loading, even though he was in a place full of oxygen. It is most likely due to his exosuit being out of oxygen. But normally he would just continue breathing normal air. fournewguys.sav
  16. Currently there seems to be a difference between wild and domestic Nosh Sprouts. The former having height 2 and the later having height 3. Either of them should probably be alligned with the other. Note that the issue only occurs when _planting_ the nosh sprout. After it is placed in the tile, the third tile above is available again.
  17. I did it again with a third seed. It's enough to have pips around your storage bin. They will forage the seed out of the bin, produce the visual glitch and the seed is lost.
  18. i have had it happen 2 times already and i am very sure that the oxyfern was not picked up by a pip. i have tried to reproduce my scenario in the steps below.
  19. It is true. I attached a savegame and it happened with 4000 kg of ice. So 8 different iceblocks.
  20. If you build an iceblock submerged in water, it will immediately change to water regardless of its temperature. disappearing iceblock Cycle 130.sav
  21. a paused metal refinery task cannot be continued but is started from scratch by the next dupe. In my case the task stops because power runs out (or oxygen), but other reasons are possible as well (e.g. sneezing, red alert).