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  1. Part of my mod being done, I drew a poster for it, but only to demonstrate how dumb I am at making artwork. Still I'd like to post it here in hope to sell my mod. Any Wendy main shouldn't miss it as does abbyskinmod and Sisters Reunited. Apparently this is for the eyeplant skin.
  2. I want an official answer to the behavior of Abigail ruthlessly killing vulnerable animals. I have seen people talking about how moles, rabbits and carrots fall victim to Abigail. Today I'm shocked by Abigail killing polly roger, one bird that everyone praises. It is arguable that, given the lore I've known, Abigail is less inclined to kill animals than Wendy. But I'm also convinced that Klei deliberately lets Abigail target prey even if she doesn't targets hostile creatures. Is she making fun out of them? Or is she indifferent to them? Or is she falsely trying to protect sister? local COMBAT_MUSTONEOF_TAGS_AGGRESSIVE = {"monster", "prey", "insect", "hostile", "character", "animal"} local COMBAT_MUSTONEOF_TAGS_DEFENSIVE = {"monster", "prey"} So the question is, what's that in Abigail's ectoplasm?
  3. These skins are far from becoming a true mod now. Apart from image editing, you know there are bound to be some codings to make it adapt to the game instead of just texture swept out by a clean sweeper. Are you willing to draw the sprites of backpacks? For example we need a ground view, a front view, a side view to make a real backpack skin. The same for amulets: one ground view, one front view, one side view. A mast requires one front view, one back view and one side view.
  4. Well, the cookpot looks too shiny against the environment. I shall add some outlines then.
  5. pretty sure I have not seen anyone done this before. The closest thing I remember is watching OrangE playing Possession 2. But that mod seems messy.
  6. in Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\data\anim there are 3 zip files named lucy. You'll be able to unzip the animation files separately.
  7. The snowflake has fine lines even narrower than the outline, therefore I could not make it to fit well. Look for a better design of the ice skin, and I'll be waiting to replace the current one. Update: changed a bit. Making skin animation is punishing with **** Spriter which cannot move pivot and fix position so I have to calculate the pivot myself and edit the scml file. I'm done with this, hopefully no more flower skins. Update: one more cheap-made skin.
  8. Your art style is very suitable for items being implemented as skins into gameplay! (But for new biomes and creatures I fear it has to be a large mod.) I think I've found treasure. Will definitely create some skins in the future so long as you permit.
  9. Thank you! This version works fine. But I wonder if the bug of lacking atlas reference in xml file can be fixed. One can locate the code at filetypes/atlas.cpp:116 and insert a new element <Texture filename="tex_path" /> to fix it.
  10. Sounds like ztools is more useful. But I get the same error with precompiled version. However, I was not able to build on windows 10 x64. Can you send me a compiled one?
  11. For this one, For others, if I have recorded its source then I am able.
  12. Decide to make this yet another reskin tool (this time specially for Abigail, fairy magic). Original picture:
  13. For pictures we have a bunch of choices, like the most common ones, Photoshop, sai, gimp, Animate... One can freely choose anything. I only learned that Klei uses Flash/Animate for animation. But I don't know what they use for static pictures. My concerns is mainly about animation. There is only one known pipeline starting from spriter, but somewhat broken. And spriter is also inconvenient to use. How i wish another better pipeline could be built one day.
  14. My favorite skin is a short cute wooly tail disclosing itself from below the skirt. Learned from Spindlewick.