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  1. I have no mod installed, except status combined, geometric placement and the other basic..... The game is freshly intalled on my pc, because i changed it this month.......
  2. I m farming log with bearger in my desert base, but now when he goes through forest and attack/stomp, wood is not dropping from the trees..... it only does when i hatch them with my axe.... I planted 200 pines cones, so 200 trees, and after bearger going on the forest fully grown, i only got 80 logs....
  3. Is there someone who care about this bug ?
  4. Finally it s not solved, when i relaunch the game i got same bug, it disappear when i go in the cave and come back, but it restart everytime i start the game...... If you can help me plz
  5. Ok problem solved, i had to enter the caves and come back to the world to refresh the map... Still it was a bug
  6. When i open the map, it s half black screen (map is fully explored)