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  1. Woah, haven't posted here for more than a week! So, the figure is not going forward as much as I wanted to, unfortunately But I have new screen tablet which makes me kinda work faster than normal one, so I will be back with art in like a day or two!!
  2. Thank you!! Yeah, I will surely add it, I tried to make is as sharp as I could but that didn't worked first, especially because it was so slippy there I hope I won't destroy it when painting tho! /o\;;;
  3. Yeah, I tend to take as much as I can, but after a long time it becomes painful when I stretch my hands with this all dried out clay on them
  4. So! First, I made yesterday base face, body and legs(no arms at this moment), wasn't looking that bad, so I added nose. For the hair I thought to make it the next day when base will be rock hard So... I made it. I'm kinda happy with the result, but... I think now the face is too small, I'm not really sure here... Because Wilson has a bit big hair, just like his head... But I have to at least put a little of clay on face, because all the slippery water I needed to place hair here(100% clay, no wires included!) but I leave critique to you, as an artist I can't do it on myself really!!
  5. It will probably get done in a few days, probably at the end of the week
  6. Anyone interested about this update: I'm sculping Wilson figure with clay and I plan to make it with holder and also a Chester(winter one)! Will post photos soon as it will look more figure like, now it's just a shape of head, body and legs, so nothing interesting atm beside this information
  7. 1. Oh, this looks harder. I helped myself with this word puzzle, because I wouldn't do this myself 2. Yes, actually I played Shipwrecked just a little bit, survived like 4 days and was on same island, but I died because of poison and when I searched the cure I already dropped venom gland and then wasn't able to find it... Just my luck with survivour games Yes, it would be interesting! Aww thank you!
  8. After your comment I've read the comic, it was so much fun with the puzzles! Oh, so it's the ocean, I thought it was a river
  9. Well yeah, I tried to study it mostly from their videos, but in game and from art too! It's actually quite hard, nothing easy like Adventure Time or anything :'D Happy to hear it, will try to make it even better! /w\ 1. Ohh, I thought about trying their other games in the future, but I learned about them just a little while ago, they are not as popular as DS was and still is after this years 2. Well, I'm not as forward with my art lol I mean, I feel like forum threads are a bit different than posts on deviantArt or tumblr, but it's just probably my point of view. 3. Oh, no, it was my brother idea to have it! I would prefer something fluffy and cute like chester, but heck, I'm not that scared of spiders to not own one! Do I...? 1.1. I will definitely do them as full art, I just felt it would be quite empty with just one! 2.2. Could be, especially because I play with friend as Wilson and Webber, haha! 3.3. I've seen too many memes of it, but never read the comic, what a shame :0 Ohh definitely, the pond was just a raw sketch so it wouldn't be just fishing rod in the air! And first I thought about the river, but I actually never saw in the game the one in which you could fish...
  10. And there are some sketches that I made... This sketch is a bit older than the icon, it was supposed to be a sketch in celebration of New Year's Eve, but because I couldn't really pull it out on time that effect would satisfy me, I scrapped it and drew my two favourite characters! This sketch I made yesterday, tried to do something more peaceful rather than dark and scary climate that's within the game, also it was a practice for making backgrounds, because I rarely do them!
  11. Hello everyone! I'm really new to Don't Starve fandom, I bought the game March last year but didn't play it much I'm bad at survival games but this game art hh, but because my friend dragged me into it this December with Together, I finally found joy of playing it!! I'm not really the type to do stylized art because it's not really my good side, but I love to do it with DS style! Why? Because it's so opposite of my that it makes it so funny! The sketchy lines, dark pallete, compared to my smooth as possible and colourful palletes... Anyway!! I started to make it more of biography, rather than start-up to thread... So! I will post my fanart and stylized art from time to time, don't expect regular updates! For the first shot here comes an icon I made for my brother a little while ago, which I am really proud of!
  12. Do you plan on doing a art section in the art and lore section? I saw your work in the carol thread.:wilson_smile:

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      Ohh, I should post mines too as well then!! Sorry for the late reply too, it was like 4:30AM in here :wilson_cry:

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      Nah, don't worry. Thanks for making the thread.

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      Well, if it will make others happy! You're welcome! :wilson_cool:

  13. I need more covers from the guy behind the Wilson, his voice is incredible! ♥
  14. Weird reincarnating post, but I have this question... As I bought DS with RoG and Shipwrecked but off-steam( does that mean I can't get this neat-looking firepit in DST? If not I'm perfectly okay with it!