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  1. I was on my first winter for that save, and I had a walled up base. At one point the Deerclops spawned to the left of my base, I attacked it before it could damage anything, then I lead it away. I lead it a large distance away on the map towards a large desert place with a few beefalo herds in it. I got the Deerclops to fight the beefalo, and I ran back to my base on a cobblestone road, so that if the Deerclops won and tried to chase me again I could outspeed it with ease. However when I returned to my base, I found like half my walls destroyed with a second Deerclops standing in the middle of my base breaking things. Since I was on the road running back there's no way the first Deerclops could have gotten back to my base before I could, so either it teleported back to my base or a second one spawned. I was told this isn't normal, and that only one Deerclops is supposed to spawn instead of there being two, plus I imagine it probably isn't suppose to teleport either. In my world generation settings I only increased the spawn of Saplings, Grass, and Berries. I left the Deerclops setting to Default.