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  1. Seems like the Wheezeworth (found on the left in the savegame) are destroying gases again The Chaotic Cosmos.sav
  2. Hydrogen and co2 disappear

    my wheezeworts also eat hydrogen for breakfast ... or sometimes oxygen, or maybe any gas? preview build 260234. I attached my latest save file ... some weeks ago I build this and since then it didn't work anymore, I thought I was doing something wrong seems like there is enough hydrogen produced, but when you turn of the electrolizers and the pumps (left switch under the chamber is the o2-sieve, middle switch is water/gas-coolant-circulation and right one is the electrolizers) and the Oxygen is pumped out, it goes down to a few grams of hydrogen per square The Radical Cosmos.sav
  3. Slicksters Stuck In Walls

    I also regularly catch light bugs in the walls ...
  4. Sweep - idle dupes ignore sweep task.

    I had that too, reload did help
  5. Wheezerwort destroys air

    it's back (build 259080)