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  1. [Crash] Platform Xbox One Do you use mods? No mods Version Number Latest version on Xbox Issue title Crashing during loading of a Hamlet world. Steps to reproduce The crashes started to occur after an initial crash that happened after using the skyworthy to travel to Hamlet from Reign of Giants. While loading for Hamlet, the game crashed. When trying to load the world again, the normal loading process will occur, but the game crashes before the loading is finished. This happens whenever I attempt to load the world. Describe your issue After traveling to Hamlet from Reign of Giants as I had done many times using the Skyworthy, the game crashed and sent me to the title screen. I am now unable to play on my save, as it crashes before loading every time I try to load it. I am able to load other worlds, but have come across this bug in the past, and just deleted the world and created a new one. The first time I encountered this bug was on a Hamlet world in which I hadn’t travelled to Reign of Giants or Shipwrecked. I believe the issue lies somewhere within Hamlet as a result.