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  1. Uhm... i usually build a loop that can't be interrupted by liquid coming from pipes outside of it thanks to bridges and their priorities. This way pipes can't get clogged.
  2. There are several ways to force dupes to ignore tasks, but they're all workarounds that more often than not are just annoying.
  3. Klei should really add a new "sweeper" priority level so that dupes will just ignore jobs that can be taken care by an autosweeper.
  4. When Pips critters mess with items contained in storage bins, the item that get dropped occasionally freezes mid-air in front of the storage bin. There's no way to recover these bugged items, dupes won't interact with them and if one tries to deconstruct the storage bin, the items just disappear. Several items can become frozen after a while and reloading the base makes the items disappear.
  5. Oxyfern seed disappears from storage bin

    Check my thread, it's a bug:
  6. They don't eat the seed. The animation occasionally gets bugged and the item gets stuck and disappears on reload:
  7. "The barrier was not meant to be broken" (S.K.)
  8. [Game Update] - 309354

    Neotuck, are you building an art gallery for dupes?
  9. [Game Update] - 291278

    I think that in case of pufts the pathing is quite different. They only move a few tiles each time, so the CPU only calculates a very small range of possibilities.
  10. [Game Update] - 291278

    Thank you, looks like the problem is the same aymanoracle has: "ERROR: Error in: SteamEngineComplete.RocketModule.OnSpawn"
  11. [Game Update] - 291278

    I'm having random crashes every few minutes, this new version hasn't fixed it. Is there a log somewhere I can check to see if I can find the culprit?
  12. [Game Update] - 290532

    Yep. Been doing this for a while now, since they changed the way dug materials stack on each other.
  13. The deconstruct tool resets the priority to 5 on every object inside the rectangle.
  14. Just to clarify: I'm referring to objects unaffected by the deconstruct command, for example a storage locker which is in front of a pipe I want to deconstruct.
  15. Showers are buggy atm. They don't use water and they don't create polluted water.
  16. Deconstruct order applies new priority

    Might be linked to:
  17. Buildings lose priority on reload

    The bug is still present in the Rocketry Upgrade.
  18. Buildings lose priority on reload

    This bug is still present. Buildings reset priority, going back to 5, randomly.
  19. I'm still having very long loading times. I'm now playing a base with 13 dupes. Takes more than one minute to load the game on a SSD.
  20. [Game Update] - 273263

    I think the most important change to the game should be to stop dupes dropping stuff when they need toilet break/eating food and so on... They should end their task and THEN go to the next one. EDIT: oh, and imho they should hold their breath longer when not constrained. Actually they stop their activities as soon as they reach 90% of their oxygen reserve. It's so frustrating hearing them breathing heavily every second and stopping what they're doing.
  21. [Game Update] - 272331

    I wonder if someone else is having very long loading times with this version... It never happened to me before. I'm playing a newly generated map...
  22. [Game Update] - 272331

    This is a big one... I'm already hearing people crying...
  23. [Game Update] - 272105

    Frankly it's always been a little gripe for me. In my head gases should just occupy an even line depending on their weight. We all know that in reality it's not that simple, but imho, game-wise, the previous positioning didn't make much sense.
  24. [Game Update] - 265092

    Beside invisibile dupes, I also get dupes stuck on a frame sliding on the floor. It's quite hilarious actually...