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  1. I checked that of course. There is no task linked with the dupe's action.
  2. I suspected something similar, but there's nothing in my base which could cause that kind of interruption, I've checked every path regarding sand delivery and they're all clear. I've also demolished several purifiers.
  3. I disabled all mods and I've observed the same pattern. Sometimes the cycle stops for a while and then starts again. Dupes not always manage to walk far enough, they simply pick the sand up and then drop it where they are standing. Try to zoom in to enlarge the spot between the storage containers with the sand and the showers. I cannot try this with the live release, since the game won't load my saved game.
  4. I'm witnessing a strange behaviour where dupes keep picking up sand, walk a couple of blocks and then let it fall. Some other dupes then bring the sand back to the storage and the cycle repeats forever... I'm attaching the save. I'm playing with mods, though nothing that should affect the priorities/behaviour of dupes. Luxury Rat's Nest.sav
  5. Just a little, odd, question. Did you move the buttons around with the last patch? I keep clicking on "Disable autorepair" when I'm expecting to find the "Deconstruct" button...
  6. There are several ways to force dupes to ignore tasks, but they're all workarounds that more often than not are just annoying.
  7. Klei should really add a new "sweeper" priority level so that dupes will just ignore jobs that can be taken care by an autosweeper.
  8. They don't eat the seed. The animation occasionally gets bugged and the item gets stuck and disappears on reload:
  9. When Pips critters mess with items contained in storage bins, the item that get dropped occasionally freezes mid-air in front of the storage bin. There's no way to recover these bugged items, dupes won't interact with them and if one tries to deconstruct the storage bin, the items just disappear. Several items can become frozen after a while and reloading the base makes the items disappear.
  10. Neotuck, are you building an art gallery for dupes?
  11. I think that in case of pufts the pathing is quite different. They only move a few tiles each time, so the CPU only calculates a very small range of possibilities.
  12. Thank you, looks like the problem is the same aymanoracle has: "ERROR: Error in: SteamEngineComplete.RocketModule.OnSpawn"
  13. I'm having random crashes every few minutes, this new version hasn't fixed it. Is there a log somewhere I can check to see if I can find the culprit?
  14. Yep. Been doing this for a while now, since they changed the way dug materials stack on each other.