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  1. I'm in a group of DST Players in LA and something really called out my attention, Someone posted he got his account banned for idling, But when i saw the hud in the screenshot where it said he got banned, He had a mod called "auto gift opener" (Something like that, It was removed like 2 weeks after it got published), And then i saw many comments of people saying that they've been getting banned for just being AFK in their own worlds with Godmode on I Want to try to clarify my doubt about this and explain it to the group where i am too, Is Idling with just Godmode legal? and: Is Idling with the mod that got deleted legal? Thanks for your attention!
  2. Is there an exact Biome where ruins appear more often or a way to find the Ruins faster? I Spent a lot of time looking for another Sinkhole in the Caves thinking that it was like the normal DS xD, And now i'm trying to look around the Caves map but i can't find the ruins
  3. I Have a Spider Sack Backpack and a Train Case (Chest Skin) , I'm looking for a Triumphant Wendy skin
  4. Max amount of drops?

    Many thanks!
  5. How many drops can you get per week? And also, Are chest still being dropped? o: