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  1. I thought you said the 2nd QoL was a bonus and not the actual one planned in the roadmap?
  2. I don't think the game will ever be officialy finished, they will just stop updating it. Meaning we likely won't get to meet/fight Charlie or the real final boss. We will just keep getting arcs like RoT.
  3. Just go take a look at most pubs, there are barely any Wolfgangs. With other reworks pubs were full of the reworked character for 10 days at least. I believe that's saying enough about Wolfgang's state.
  4. They did with the whole Wendy outrage, they basically removed the one downside Wendy had with the petal buff (now instead of less she deals MORE damage than default, not even counting the damage Abigail deals). Still, old Wolfgang while being strong was not ridiculously OP like people who haven't really played him seem to think. If he was an easy mode character like Wendy or Wigfrid you would see him way more in public servers, but truth is skill and good planning are required for him to really shine. The rework ruins his early game and removes him from the speedruning and ruins rushing meta. What does he have left? He's not the fastest, doesn't deal the most damage per hit, isn't the best at tanking, doesn't have the most health... Now even his kiting ability has been nerfed. I understand some people like the new Wolf more. But to me it just looks like he was changed to suit a more casual playstyle (now there is nothing wrong with that sort of playstyle, I myself sometimes feel like building and decorating a megabase or just being more chill in general). Thing is there are already so many characters better suited for this. I don't understand why Klei is willing to please only that part of the playerbase, there are still people who enjoy a faster game and Wolf was perfect for that.
  5. Hate to burst your bubble but we already got a character from Shipwrecked, Warly.
  6. Please if you have any beef with Wolfgang players don't take it out on the actual character. If you want to ruin others' enjoyment because you are spiteful then you are no better.
  7. Since people are talking about giving Wolf a team based perk, I think it would be nice if other characters were able to work out in his gym and gain a temporary 10-15% damage boost that lasts for about a day (maybe depending on how well they do in the minigame?). To avoid abusing this mechanic after a workout session there should be a few days (around 5) cooldown before they can use it again.
  8. I know most won't agree with me but since getting mighty is gonna require more time and effort now, I would be a lot happier if his wimpy form were to be completely removed. Having just normal and mighty forms would work fine and if the mightiness meter works as I think it will being forced into wimpy form seems unfair and punishing. And please don't go on about how he needs this downside to be "balanced" when there are strong characters with practically no downsides. His speed boost removal, lower stats, harder time becoming mighty, increased sanity drain (good addition) and hunger drain are enough.
  9. So presumably if Wolfgang doesnt work out he is stuck in wimpy form? That frankly sounds terrible.
  10. Great idea assuming he will just have default speed when high on sanity (and not suffer from speed penalty)
  11. I like how @HowlVoid and @Toros are the 2 ppl I mentioned as (some of) my favorite posters in my "forumite appreciation thread". I feel... conflicted??
  12. Truth is his current 10% extra sanity drain just feels too negligible. In fact if it weren't for his character description I never would have known. If they choose to keep this as a downside for him I hope they make it more significant.
  13. Hello everyone hope yall are doing well. In anticipation of Wolfgang's rework I decided to make a thread for sharing and discussing your expectations, wishes, worries etc about the beloved strongman's upcoming refresh. Personally the only thing I would really dislike is if he were to lose his current damage multiplier (though I wouldn't mind if his damage buff were unrelated to hunger). (PS. Sorry if I spam the forums with too many threads, if that's the case please let me know and I'll stop)
  14. I'm confused, isn't this thread about sailing/boat mechanics? Because I see many posts about ocean content. I voted based on how I feel about manoeuvring the boat, handling the masts, anchor, wheel etc